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designboom in collaboration with LEXUS



Lexus created the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD, an international design competition,
to help nurture young creators who could produce 'DESIGN' that enriches our world.
The award looks for entries from young designers around the world and begins calling
for entries for the first competition on October 30 (Tuesday), 2012.





01-Introduction to the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD


Lexus was launched in the United States in 1989 as a premium car brand from Japan.
As a truly global premium car brand with the vision of Progressive Luxury,
Lexus has been pursuing and presenting different values from those of conventional luxury cars.
We have been striving not only to create a more luxurious experience through automobiles,
but also to help in solving many issues that have come along the way. Lexus thinks that 'DESIGN'
is a process in problem solving and a solution to shape a better society and future.

Lexus is announcing the creation of the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD to nurture and support
future creators who can enrich the world. Unlike most awards, the goal is not winning the award.
By providing the opportunity to embody unique ideas, create and exhibit prototypes
through sessions with world-famous designers as mentors, we hope to help young talent flourish. 

We welcome designers from all fields: architecture, product design, fashion.
We’re looking for 'DESIGN' that goes beyond the mastery of shape,
form and function, and becomes a process and solution to overcome challenges.



02 - Theme and Overview of the Award



The theme for the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2012 is 'Motion.'

Our daily lives are continuously filled with motion. The motion of things, the motion of people.
Moving people’s hearts. Shifting consciousness. Moving information, society and time.
Leaving lingering effects. Triggering chain reactions. It’s a theme that Lexus will keep working on. 

How to define 'Motion' is up to you. We’re looking for 'DESIGN' that responds to various issues
in daily life in relation to 'Motion' and provides solutions.

The application period of the first LEXUS DESIGN AWARD is from
October 30 (Tuesday), 2012 to December 31 (Monday), 2012.
Ten entries will receive awards. 

The creators of two entries selected among the ten award winners will produce prototypes
over a period of about two months. The two prototypes, and panel displays for the other
eight-awarded designs, will be exhibited in the Lexus space in the Milan Design Week held in April 2013. 

During the two-month production period of the prototypes, the creators of two selected entries will
each be given the opportunity to have sessions with a world-famous designer acting as a 'mentor.'
Sam Hecht (England) and Junya Ishigami (Japan) will serve as the mentors for the first LEXUS DESIGN AWARD.



junya ishigami, one of the mentors of the LEXUS design award, talks about his work, the prospect of finding new talent and how the theme 'MOTION'
reflects our current culture
video © LEXUS



sam hecht, one of the mentors of the LEXUS design award, gives an in-depth interview on the theme 'MOTION' and how being an mentor can enrich the finalists results

video © LEXUS





03 - Prize/Benefits


The creators of the 10 award-winning entries will be invited to the Milan Design Week.
In the case of individual applicants, the winner will be invited. In the case of group applicants,
up to two group members will be invited.

We will request the creators of two entries from the award winners to produce prototypes.
We will provide up to 5 million yen each to cover production costs for the prototypes.
During the two months of the production period, we will provide opportunities to participate
in the sessions with an assigned mentor, either Sam Hecht or Junya Ishigami.

The two prototypes and the panel displays of the other eight-awarded designs
will be exhibited in the Lexus space at the Milan Design Week.

And as always, designboom will publish an exhaustive results report.




04 - Judges


1     Paola Antonelli, Curator
2     Aric Chen, Curator 
3     Jaime Hayon, Artist/Designer   
4     Toyo Ito, Architect 
5     Birgit Lohmann, Chief editor of designboom

6     Kiyotaka Ise, President of Lexus International


The judges will select 10 winners from the entries.




05- Judging Criteria

Depth of understanding of the ideas of Lexus 'DESIGN.' Uniqueness in interpretation of those ideas.
Uniqueness of perspective and originality of solution regarding the theme.

*The prototypes will be installed and operated by the third party. As such, we will need to select designs
for the prototypes that are easy to set up and display. Please understand that even if an awardee is highly
evaluated that awardee may not be selected for creation of a prototype if it does not meet these conditions.



06 - registration deadline

application registration will be accepted by  23:59(GMT), December 31, 2012.




07 - registration

registrations are open now, please fill in the form.
teams register with one name only.
- when submitting works you should add all team member’s names.

registrations are closed





08 - submit your entry / entries

if you are entering more than one work,
please submit each work

you will be requested to supply:

1. how many image files for upload?
up to 6 images can be uploaded 
(either single or composition images)

image size should be: 818 pixels wide

please upload the following file formats only:
- .gif,  or .jpeg, 
(72 dpi) max 200 kb each file, 
- RGB color mode.


video files: 
you are allowed to upload up to 2 video
please upload the following file formats only: .flw, .swf, .mp4
max weight: 10 MB
you are welcome to submit a self made interview presentation of your entry


the entry submitted is a low-res version of your original work.

these original high-resolution image(s)
will be requested only if your work is shortlisted.



2. explanation
please provide a brief description of your design.

jury decisions will be based on the core design criteria.

you should consider a broad spectrum of issues that demonstrate
and showcase the 
ways in which design can make a positive impact.
(english text only)



3. you will be requested to accept the competition guidelines
submitted work must be original work by the applicant himself/herself
that has never been released either in  japan or overseas. until the results
of this award are announced, applicants are prohibited from entering 
the work in any other contests, or for publication elsewhere. entries that
have violated the above conditions,  or entries to which any of the following applies,
shall be excluded from the list of entries to be screened.  
furthermore, even after
the award winners have been announced, the award may be cancelled if it is  revealed
that any of the following applies to the winning work. 

- works that have been entered in other contests, etc., in the past 

- works that are offensive to public order and morals, or works whose aim is defamation
or profit-making
-works that infringe the intellectual property rights or right to confidentiality of a third party  

(including cases where the infringement had occurred after the application was made). 

even if a third party claims infringement of rights or demands compensation for damage, etc.,  

with regard to the submitted work, Toyota  Motor Corporation shall assume no responsibility whatsoever.


submissions are closed




09 – deadline for submission of entries
works can be submitted by  23:59(GMT), December 31, 2012.




- announcement of the results
shortlisted 10 works will be announced in March 2013
on designboom or LEXUS official website




11 -  intellectual property rights

any moral and paternity right regarding the project sent in for submission is the designer’s property.


by submitting a design in the competition, the participant agrees to provide Toyota Motor Corporation 
with the right of first refusal to the exclusive use of the design. this option is valid for 12 months after  the end of the competition.
in the event that Toyota Motor Corporation  exercises the option to use the rights
for production on an exclusive basis and sine die (without time limitations),
Toyota Motor Corporation  will make
a private agreement with the participant for the transfer of intellectual property rights.

by participating in the competition, all the  participants authorise designboom, Toyota Motor Corporation 
to publish and exhibit all the designs (including project data submitted and prototype) – waiving compensation –
at exhibitions  and events and/or to use them in any publications and communications that designboom,
Toyota Motor Corporation may deem suitable and/or necessary.  
in any cases, each time the creation is used,
they must refer to the competition they originate from. 
the creators of the prototypes displayed in the exhibition agree: that they are participating in the production process
in which they will receive advice and inspiration from 'mentors' to finish the creation of prototypes, and that Lexus
will disclose the name of the mentors who worked with them and will disclose information about the production process
when making public announcements about the work.

designboom, Toyota Motor Corporation will credit the designer's name to properly attribute authorship of work
to promote the author adequately. Toyota Motor Corporation will have the right to apply  minor change amendments
without damaging the integrity of the artwork – e.g. add the LEXUS logo and text,  reframing, translation, changing colors,
cutting the background or parts of it, etc…

in case designboom, Toyota Motor Corporation want to bring major changes to  the submitted artwork for publication,
designboom, Toyota Motor Corporation will contact the designer and inform him/her about the use
to obtain the designer's consent.


atsushi takada of LEXUS international speaks about the LEXUS design award
video © LEXUS


12 - questions?

inquiries to [email protected]
make sure to write 'LEXUS DESIGN AWARD' in the subject line.
(english text only)




13 - info on LEXUS