OLED LIGHTING International Design Competition
OLED LIGHTING International Design Competition


designboom in collaboration with LG CHEM and LG Electronics presents the
OLED LIGHTING International Design Competition

to catalyze the international creative and design community to create commercially viable

OLED LIGHTING applications for the current premium market.












01 - OLED: Change the way we see the Light

you may have already heard of LEDs: a revolutionary light source that is bringing us
unprecedented levels of efficiency and energy saving.

OLED is a new light source that also possesses unprecedented qualities of light,
and light quality affects our emotions as well as our physical health.  this is not difficult
to understand once we remember that just like how food is consumed directly into our bodies,
light is perceived directly through our eyes.

we would like to see more ‘good quality light’ around us.  unfortunately, OLEDs are still judged
only by conventional evaluation standards that do not bring justice to the quality of OLED light. 
understandable since we never had such a light source in our hands…until now.

LG Chem together with LG Electronics is collaborating with designboom in order to spread this great
light quality throughout the world. the OLED LIGHTING International Design Competition will give designers
a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to partake in developing  first generation OLED lighting products (for general lighting applications),
and to eventually “Change the way we see the light.”





02 - OLED technology overview


LG Chem is currently the sole company producing OLED panels that are at performance levels good enough for general lighting. 
as industry leader, we feel the responsibility to bring the high-quality light of OLEDs into our everyday lives.

as explained above, the main reason that makes OLEDs special is that it happens to be the only
eco-friendly light source that is also ‘human friendly’: natural and pleasant light qualities that are soft and comfortable on the eyes.

OLED’s physical characteristics also open many opportunities for new designs. 

- OLED is an inherently flat/surface light source.

- OLEDs are super-light and ultra-thin,

- OLEDs have no heat issues (
and they can be used at a very close range. 

- OLEDs are simple.  they do not require additional lighting structures such as optics, heat sinks, and/or diffusers.

please refer to the “LG Chem OLED Panel Specifications & Dimensions” document for more details.
compared to the existing bulb, bar, and point light sources, you have a lot of design freedom in your hands
even without a thorough understanding of lighting engineering.
we hope you make the most of it.







03 – The Competition


the competition is divided in two categories.


the ‘standard panel design’ will include one or more of the following rigid OLED panels
produced by LG Chem: 55x53mm – 100x100mm – 140x140mm – 200x50mm.

this category will be aiming for lighting product launch early next year.



LG Chem 100x100 mm OLED




the ‘special panel design’ will also include one or more of the following ‘special’ OLED panels
which will be produced by LG Chem within the year:
Flexible (200x50mm) and/or Transparent (55x53mm).

this category is considered for lighting product launch sometime between late 2014 ~ early 2015.



LG Chem Flexible (Bendable) OLED Panel video clips






please refer to the “LG Chem OLED Panel Specifications & Dimensions” document for more details.

be creative – we’d like to be surprised.






04 - Prize/Benefits


Standard Panel Category

1 Winner will receive $ 5000 USD
1 Runner Up will receive $ 3000 USD

Special Panel Category (Designs including Flexible and/or Transparent Panels)

1 Winner will receive $ 5000 USD


more than a conceptual design competition, this is a call for production. 
it is the ambition of LG to produce the best entries and this is the REAL benefit of this contest. 
in the event that LG exercises the right of first refusal to the exclusive use of the design for production,
each designer (or team) will receive 10,000 USD for the transfer of intellectual property rights.


and as always, designboom will publish an exhaustive results report.






05 - jury


- Paul Kim (Head of Lighting Division, LG Electronics)
- Jung, Yun Kwon (Head of R&D, Lighting Division, LG Electronics)
- Choi, Nam kyu (Head of Product Planning, Lighting Division, LG Electronics)
- Kim, Si Young (Head Designer, Advanced Lighting Team, LG Electronics)
- Park, Sung Soo (Head of OLED Light Division, LG Chem)
- Joon Park (Head of Marketing & Sales, OLED Light Division, LG Chem)
- Son, Se Hwan (Head of R&D, IT & Electronic Materials Company, LG Chem)
- Shin, Hye-Cho (Designer, OLED Light Division, LG Chem)

- Jang, Woojin (Chairman, Korean Institute of Illuminating and Electrical Installation Engineers)






06 - judging criteria


projects should not be currently in production. 
it is important that you keep your design(s) confidential until the results of the competition are published. 
in case LG exercises the right of first refusal to the exclusive use of the design for production on,
the designs shall stay confidential until the first commercialization made by LG.


the jury will award designs and concepts which are innovative in terms of their formal aspects
as well as their commercial potential.


regarding the concept, there are no particular limitations, but do review [02 - OLED Technical Overview] above. 
if it is an OLED Lighting product, we would like people to be able to ‘see’ that it is a OLED product. 
use the OLED’s physical characteristics to your best advantage.
 also, if your design can embody the concept
of OLED’s great light quality (natural, pleasant, soft, comfortable, human-friendly, healthy, or whatever
‘good light quality’ may mean to you), this will drastically increase the chances of your design to win.


the other crucial factor is commercial potential.  since OLED is a new technology, we will need to start with
the premium market.  at the same time, we will need to be able to convert your design into a product that
we can mass-produce. (ie. no chandeliers!).

the trick lies in finding the perfect balance between great design and productivity.


refer to theLight Source Brightness Comparisons” document to get an idea of how many panels
you may need in your design.  this is not a strict requirement but intended to give you an idea
where to begin in order to create a practical product.


refer to the “LG Chem OLED Panel Specifications & Dimensions” document to get an exact idea
of our panel size and configurations.


so please don’t send in vague concepts, but go a step further.
it’s not the idea which is the art, it’s more the way somebody handles the idea that makes art.








07 - registration deadline


application registration will be accepted by 23:59(GMT), May 10, 2013.








08 - registration

registrations are open now, please fill in the form.
teams register with one name only.
- when submitting works you should add all team member’s names.



register here









09 - submit your entry / entries


if you are entering more than one work,
please submit each work separately


you will be requested to supply:


 0. Category 
the competition is divided into: A) the Standard Panel category for designs using LG Chem’s standard panels only;
and B) the Special Panel category in case your design includes LG Chem’s Flexible and/or Transparent Panels.
each category is divided into the following Product Types:


Standard Panel
Standard _ Pendant
Standard _ Flush Mounts
Standard _ Track Lighting
Standard _ Wall Lights
Standard _ Floor Lamps
Standard _ Table Lamps
Standard _ Portable Lights
Standard _ New Concept

Special Panel
Special _ Designer Defined


please select your Category_Product Type accordingly.



1. how many image files for upload?
up to 6 images can be uploaded 
(either single or composition images)

image size should be: 818 pixels wide

please upload the following file formats only:
- .gif, or .jpeg, 
(72 dpi) max 200 kb each file, 
- RGB color mode.

must at least include 2D Images containing front, side, top, and bottom cuts with basic dimensions. 
scenarios for actual application areas will also be helpful (eg. residential, office, shop, restaurants, hotels, etc.) 


video files: 
you are allowed to upload up to 2 video
please upload the following file formats only: .flw, or .mp4
max weight: 10 MB
you are welcome to submit a self made interview presentation of your entry


the entry submitted is a low-res version of your original work.

these original high-resolution image(s)
will be requested only if your work is shortlisted.




2. explanation
please provide a brief description of your design. 
be sure to begin with how many of which panels
were used for your design.  
jury decisions will be based on the core design criteria.

you should consider a broad spectrum of issues that demonstrate and showcase the ways
in which design can make a positive impact.  you may include stories, motifs, product characteristics,
target market characteristics, usage, design points, differentiation points as an OLED product etc. 
you may also include suggested color, material, and finishing.

also important is how you can differentiate your design by applying various technologies
such as UX, IT and additional functions.  finally, please explain points that you considered
to improve productivity, if any. 
these points will play a critical role as tie-breakers at the end of the jury’s evaluation.

(english or korean text only)





3. you will be requested to accept the competition guidelines
submitted work must be original work by the applicant himself/herself 
has never been released either in  Korea or overseas. until the results 
of this award are announced,
applicants are prohibited from entering  
the work in any other contests, or for publication elsewhere.
entries that 
have violated the above conditions,  or entries to which any of the following applies, 

shall be excluded from the list of entries to be screened.  
furthermore, even after 
the award winners
have been announced, the award may be cancelled if it is  revealed 
that any of the following applies
to the winning work.

- works that have been entered in other contests, etc., in the past 

- works that are offensive to public order and morals, or works whose aim is defamation 
or profit-making

-works that infringe the intellectual property rights or right to confidentiality of a third party 

(including cases where the infringement had occurred after the application was made
even if a third party claims infringement of rights or demands compensation for damage, etc.,  

with regard to the submitted work, LG shall assume no responsibility whatsoever.

 only entries with a declaration of authorship are accepted !
(when submitting your design you will be asked to tick a box of declaration).




submit your entry here









10 – deadline for submission of entries
works can be submitted by 23:59(GMT), may 10, 2013.







11 - announcement of the results
results will be announced mid june 2013.






12 - intellectual property rights

any moral and paternity right regarding the project sent in for submission is the designer’s property.


by submitting a design in the competition, the participant agrees to provide LG Chem and/or  LG Electronics

with the right of first refusal to the exclusive use of the design. this option is valid for 12months after 
the end of the competition. 
in the event that LG Chem and/or  LG Electronics  exercises the option to use
the rights for production on an exclusive basis 
and sine die (without time limitations),
LG Chem and/or  LG Electronics  will pay a one-off fee of $ 10,000 
USD to the participant for the transfer
of intellectual property rights. 


by participating in the competition, all the  participants authorize designboom, LG Chem and/or  LG Electronics

to publish and exhibit all the designs (including project data submitted) – waiving compensation – 
at exhibitions 
and events and/or to use them in any publications and communications that designboom, 
LG Chem and/or  LG Electronics
may deem suitable and/or necessary.  

in any cases, each time the creation is used, they must refer to the competition
they originate from.  
designboom, LG Chem and/or  LG Electronics will credit the designer’s name to properly attribute
authorship of work 
to promote the author adequately.
designboom, LG Chem and/or  LG Electronics will have the right to apply  minor change amendments 
damaging the integrity of the artwork – e.g. add the LG Chem and/or  LG Electronics  logo and text, 
translation, changing colors, cutting the background or parts of it, etc.







13 - questions?

inquiries to [email protected]

make sure to write ‘OLED LIGHTING Design Competition’ in the subject line.

(english text only)






14 - info on LG CHEM

LG Chem OLED Light Website: