competition results
in collaboration with the LEXUS, JAPAN

2612 designers from 77 different countries participated
Dare to Dream Design Awards
in collaboration with Melco Crown Entertainment.

1953 participants from 92 different countries participated
DEUTSCHE BANK - Future Banking

in collaboration with Deutsche Bank.

2083 participants from 84 different countries participated
OAKLEY Disruptive By Design
european design competition
in collaboration with Oakley,

1418 designers from 22 different countries participated
Lexus Design Award 2014
in collaboration with the LEXUS, JAPAN

2613 designers from 87 different countries participated
shelter in a cart

designboom social awareness award 2006
the non-profit design competition under the title
‘shelter in a cart’ has been very successful.
4247 designers and / or organizations from 95 countries
have participated.

many more of you deserved to be chosen.
the jury made its selections, and from the combination of
choices the 5 winner and runners-up were chosen.

homelessness is a complex issue encompassing multiple
facets of society. the theme (and the jury decision) caused
much controversy and the here presented 130 variations on
the theme are already widely discussed across many sites.
it is no surprise to us that we are receiving comments suggesting
that we are doing something superficial and self-satisfying,
but in answer to that, we say that design is the tool we know best,
so we will use it to bring social discussion to our audience.
the massive participation rate made it clear that there is a
growing awareness of the homeless issue.
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published july 8th, 2006

the jury was composed of:
jasper morrison, designer, uk
cameron sinclair, executive director of the nonprofit 'architecture for humanity', usa
helen horten-smith, co-ordinator of the london design festival ltd, uk
mark dusseault, publicist, canada
birgit lohmann, editor-in-chief designboom, italy

they greatly enjoyed reviewing the designs and have finalised their
decision to have
5 ex equo winners,

see the exhibition of the shortlisted entries
at the hangaram design museum, seoul arts center, korea.

shortlisted entries