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July 2014, 22

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winning design revealed for new perth stadium
new perth stadium designboom
conceived by a design team including COX architecture, HKS architects, arup, and hassell studio, the 60,000 seat area is distinguished by its bronze facade.
trent fredrickson I designboom
1week1project adds movement to buildings with architecture animee
1week1project architecture animee movement buildings
structures around the world are brought to life through a series of animated GIFs.
justin paul villanueva I designboom
goTenna portable telephone network / hotspot enables off-grid communication
goTenna portable phone network and antenna enables off-grid communication
the device works anywhere, regardless of whether a cell signal or WiFi is available, meaning when you're off-grid you can remain connected - even on airplane mode.
rodrigo caula I designboom
JAHN constructs 160-meter cosmopolitan twarda in warsaw
helmut jahn cosmopolitan twarda tower warsaw poland designboom
each residence has floor-to-ceiling windows that provide panoramic views and are fitted with an integrated home monitoring system controlled by mobile devices.
philip stevens I designboom
telmo pieper reincarnates his childhood doodles as digital drawings
telmo pieper reincarnates his childhood drawings as digital paintings
the quirky line scribbles are reimagined as lifelike underwater animals, insects and architecture, each a bit awry in their structural and biological precision.
nina azzarello I designboom
rieder clads project A01 architects' summer residence with fiberC
rieder project a01 architects fiberc summer residence austria
the contemporary villa by project A01 architects utilizes an innovative concrete mixture for its sustainable light-, UV- and weather-resistant qualities.
laselva studio designs minimalist loop wall hook
laselva studio loop wall hook
thin sheet metal or plastic, a wooden body and screws flatpack for simple multi-functional interior decor.
david galvaƱ
yaita associates unites residential property with natural environment
yaita associates house for green breeze and light japan designboom
at the upper storey, a large master bedroom features a decorated folding-screen door, while an adjoining balcony offers views of the property's green surroundings.
philip stevens I designboom
interview with illustrator dr. alderete
we visited illustrator dr. alderete at his studio in mexico to learn more about his influences and fascination with easter island.
andy butler I designboom
nucleo submerges 200-year-old italian oak tree in block of jade stone
studio nucleo jade stone oak tree
by mixing pigments, timber, and epoxy resin, the work of art creates flowing green zones of varying transparency and clarity.
clock one by twelve24 measures a meter-wide and features e-ink display
clock one by twelve24 measures 1-meter wide and features e-ink display
powered by a single coin-cell battery, the E-ink-based device runs for an average of a year, and weighs less than two kilograms.
rodrigo caula I designboom
IIT design studio fabricates pavilion of carbon fiber panels
iit carbon lab fiberwave pavilion designboom
the 1 lb. and 1/8" thick shell units produce a very light yet strong canopy structure, demonstrating the architectural potential of carbon fiber.
trent fredrickson I designboom

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