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kengo kuma crafts single-storey PC garden house in japan
architecture | 11 April 2014
the program is arranged in a windmill formation with four distinct and independent rooms originating from the center-point of the design.
OMA plans rebuild by design defense strategy for jersey coastline
architecture | 10 April 2014
the holistic approach acknowledges the density and complexity of its context, galvanizing and protecting the entire region.
bjarke ingels group plans hualien residences in taiwan
architecture | 9 April 2014
a transformation of an industrial and factory region into a world class beach resort is realized in buildings which cascade from the sky to the (read more)
tunnel house by makiko tsukada visually extends the street
architecture | 8 April 2014
carving a relationship between the public entrance and the private interior, this japanese house activates both 'uchi' and 'soto' (in and out of the (read more)
frank gehry and norman foster present designs for battersea power station
architecture | 7 April 2014
configured to compliment the famous brick power station, phase three of the scheme comprises residential units, retail outlets and recreational (read more)
mithun erects the sustainability tree house in the dense forest of west virginia
architecture | 7 April 2014
the multi-level facility weaves through and around the trees at the different stages of the forest ecosystem to teach visitors of the environment and (read more)
philippe starck creates largest single-mould polycarbonate collection for kartell
design | 10 April 2014
the 2014 edition of salone del mobile marks an anniversary for kartell; 15 years of transparency, research and experimentation in injection-molding (read more)
HEAD students design conversation pieces for apartment full of surprises
design | 10 April 2014
comparable to scenes from a sci-fi movie, the installation of warped and surreal settings includes a cloud-like bedroom, customized furniture, video (read more)
YOY design studio casts light to create lamp shade silhouette
design | 9 April 2014
when turned on, the luminaire casts light to recreate a projection of a lamp shade silhouette.
ross lovegrove creates infinitely stackable diatom chair for moroso
design | 9 April 2014
WATCH: designboom spoke with ross lovegrove who elaborated on the technological and formal developments of the 'diatom' chair:
zaha hadid sculpts manta-ray seating for sawaya & moroni
design | 9 April 2014
the design calls attention to the simplicity of its structure, uniting the base with central vertical supports that are part of the single surface (read more)
studio natural brings lucio solar energy point into living spaces
design | 9 April 2014
the light-powered energy point recharges electronic devices without the need for cables or wall plugs.
miguel chevalier spreads magic carpets 2014 over sacre coeur in morocco
art | 11 April 2014
a psychedelic kaleidoscope of moving pixels covers the floor of the church, whirling about to people's movements and music.
harvezt reverses album art for the dark side of the covers
art | 10 April 2014
harvezt has taken some of the most familiar CD imagery and given the audience a new perspective, reversing the scene so that they are visualized from (read more)
abraham poincheval lives inside a bear for two weeks
art | 10 April 2014
just like the mammal during the winter months, poincheval remains within a small enclosure, keeping with him all the basic things he might need to (read more)
interview with artist pablo genovés
art | 10 April 2014
pablo genoves' digitally montaged photographs see grandiose man made environments overwhelmed by natural elements.
jug cerovic standardizes metro maps from around the world
art | 8 April 2014
a standard set of symbols is applied to each map including the line colors, stations, connections and station labeling.
george w. bush exhibits 30 painted portraits of world leaders
art | 7 April 2014
the former president of the united states has established a new found interest in the arts, revealed through his series of portraits exhibiting at (read more)
junpei tamaki + iori tamaki overlap crystal pattern in snowscape cabinet
reader's submission | 13 April 2014
hexagonal holes on the side of the cabinet's shelves overlap to create different patterns of snowflakes.
atoll creates reef system of swappable smart modules for iPads
reader's submission | 12 April 2014
designed to connect directly onto the iPad, the smart cover is a structural frame that protects the electronic device, while also containing a set of (read more)
koichi takada architects designs infinity for crown in sydney
reader's submission | 9 April 2014
the residential building is fluid, connected, activated, and responsive to its urban context of green square plaza in the capital of new south wales.
recycled cathode ray tubes transformed into tiles
reader's submission | 8 April 2014
fireclay tile is once again reinventing how traditional tile is manufactured, breathing new life into an obsolete technology
lujac desautel envisions glass luxury yacht to float on platform
reader's submission | 7 April 2014
nominated for the 'young designer of the year' by boat international media, the project re-examines traditional yacht typology by stacking the volume (read more)
sebastian aumer makes the eggo stool directly from egg shells
reader's submission | 7 April 2014
completed just in time for the easter break, 70% of the furniture's structure is made using left over pieces of egg shells.

Shape the Future of Black

Open to professional and students in the fields of architecture, furnishing, interior design, industrial design, design in general, decorative arts, engineering and similar
Participants are invited to conceive an interior design solution (such as furnishing, tables, sittings, vanities, vertical cladding, etc…):
- for the home environment (kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, etc…);
- or for public/commercial spaces (such as hotels, hospitals and medical facilities, shops, restaurants, bars, yachts, offices, airport and railway stations, museum, banks, malls, movie theaters, etc…).

Students and Professionals will have to use one or more colours amongst the black tones of DuPont™ Corian® made with the new DeepColour™ Technology - Deep Nocturne, Deep Night Sky, Deep Black Quartz, Deep Anthracite.

The presentation of the winners will take place in London on September 17th, 2014.

The designs conceived by the winners in the two categories (Students and Professionals) will be fabricated by DuPont and exhibited at the DuPont™ Corian® stand at London 100% Design Fair 2014 (September 17-20).


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