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July 2014, 22

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just because it's summer, doesn't mean great design and architecture have taken a vacation!

it was a week of major announcements on designboom, with the 2014 RIBA stirling prize shortlist being released , along with the completion of two projects in london by foster + partners: the first phase of the imperial war museum , and the canary wharf crossrail station ; as well as the reveal of frank gehry's masterplan for the philadelphia museum of art .

and in major branding news, the world’s largest community-driven hospitality company airbnb debuted a complete overhaul of its logo,  which has lead to much discussion on the internet.

lastly, this is the final week to submit your ideas to the DESIGNBOOM x Oakley 'Disruptive By Design' european competition! send us your original concepts that challenge the conventions of design, and you could be heading to california, USA for a week of creative immersion at Oakley's headquarters. the submission deadline is july 28 at 23:59 (GMT). find out more information, and how to participate here .

as always, thanks for reading!
andrea chin
managing editor

a21studio builds salvaged ring coffee shop from recycled wood
architecture | 18 July 2014
the structure's distinctively curved thatched roof extends from the passing street, before descending towards a riverbank at the rear of the design.
neri & hu stacks rectangular frames on le meridien zhengzhou facades
architecture | 17 July 2014
the expression of the exterior serves to break down the large scale of the structure, while creating an identity for the landmark building.
house of the infinite by alberto campo baeza stretches towards the ocean
architecture | 17 July 2014
oriented to face the horizon, the dwelling is envisioned as a jetty built from roman travertine stone that elegantly complements the sandy shoreline.
south korea's tallest skyscraper by KPF opens in incheon
architecture | 16 July 2014
designed by kohn pedersen fox, the mixed-use structure soars to a height of 305 meters, offering a range of office and dining facilities alongside a (read more)
latticed roof complete at foster + partners' crossrail station
architecture | 15 July 2014
the wooden structure references the ships that once occupied london's waterways, contrasting the region's ubiquitous steel and glass towers.
penda crafts curved timber garden house for wood artist in beijing
architecture | 14 July 2014
a small gestural lift and an oculus allow the tree trunk-like form to flow light throughout its spiraling spaces.
google releases new roboto font family for the future of display visualization
design | 18 July 2014
changes to the font include tuning to work across more screen sizes and conditions, from watches to desktops, televisions to cars.
airbnb rebrand gives its community a sense of belonging
design | 16 July 2014
the airbnb rebrand features a new stylized 'A' symbol known as the 'belo', that stands for people, places, love and airbnb.
stereotank + fukuda design traveling mini-house out of water tanks
design | 16 July 2014
prefabricated materials with solar-powered lights and fans allow the portable dwelling to be taken virtually anywhere.
how technology and science are disrupting the world of design
design | 16 July 2014
it is no secret that technology and science are playing a larger role than ever before in shaping our world; and designers are harnessing the (read more)
sunglasses made from hemp fibre composite by sam whitten
design | 16 July 2014
hemp and flax fibre composite sheets are impregnated into the frames with an eco friendly binder.
barber & osgerby appointed to design london's new commuter rail train
design | 15 July 2014
each train measures just over 200 meters long and has the capacity to carry up to 1,500 passengers.
frank + patrik riklin blanket swiss countryside with huge BIGNIK cloth
art | 17 July 2014
the patchwork of red and white hued textiles that once served as curtains, bedsheets, even towels cover an area equivalent to 100 football fields.
interview with artist pedro friedeberg
art | 17 July 2014
pedro friedeberg is one of mexico's most recognized artists with a career that spans over 60 years. designboom visited him at his home / studio.
blow dough inflates pastries made from fresh herbs and vegetable juice
art | 17 July 2014
the food experience is enhanced by activating all of the senses with warm scents that flow into the atmosphere as people take flavorful bites out of (read more)
floto + warner capture colourant floating sculptures
art | 15 July 2014
the colorful, floating sculptural events are fleeting moments that block and obscure the landscape - momentary graffiti of air and space.
sipho mabona flocks gigantic origami birds in tropenmuseum's great hall
art | 15 July 2014
the origami master has constructed the entire flock out of large sheets of square paper, which sees the wing span of the flying birds range between (read more)
hitomi hosono carves porcelain sculptures to resemble tropical flowers
art | 14 July 2014
for the first time in her practice, the japanese artist experiments with the use of color in her chiseled botanical forms.
marcos franchini strategizes modular programs for house 3e30
reader's submission | 18 July 2014
the proposal is based on architectural decisions that improve the urban quality of life while meeting the individual demands for each residence.
forward thinking architecture develops floating responsive agriculture
reader's submission | 18 July 2014
the territorial urban farming proposal uses hydroponic and aquaponic systems with crop production devices that minimize the amount of overall waste.
eisenschmidt + mekinda curate architectural chicagoisms exhibition
reader's submission | 15 July 2014
120 photographs, nine models, and five principles are the means through which this exhibition revisits the characteristics, attitudes, and (read more)
1week1project proposes alternative use for brazil's world cup stadiums
reader's submission | 15 July 2014
brazil's housing deficit can be counteracted by placing prefabricated modules of color along the perimeters of stadiums, where residents can enjoy (read more)
DP architects + arup associates design singapore national sports hub
reader's submission | 15 July 2014
the athletic venue features the world's largest free spanning dome structure that has the ability to move and retract so the field can be converted (read more)
W design architecture studio blends house within the nature of africa
reader's submission | 14 July 2014
the humble residence provides an oasis where occupants can enjoy a green concrete roof, a relaxing courtyard, and a flowing pond.

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