figment VR's protective case delivers virtual reality experience to the apple iPhone
Nov 26, 2015
SANAA selected ahead of snøhetta to build the new national gallery of hungary
Nov 27, 2015
colectivo creativo clads VIMOB modular home in textural earthy hues
Nov 27, 2015
airmas asri architects adds greenery to their new expanded offices in jakarta
Nov 27, 2015
kelli anderson cuts and folds paper into pop-up book pin hole camera
Nov 27, 2015

designboom recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of all information provided by users of our web site, subscribers to our on-line education and events, recipients of our e-mail newsletter, participants of our competitions and all of our customers. we created this policy with a fundamental respect for our users’ right to privacy and to guide our relationships with our users.

signing up
for certain selected services (such as free newsletter subscriptions, competitions, on-line education courses), users must first register. recipients of our newsletter can unsubscribe using the instructions listed at the end of the e-mail newsletter. for our services that require payment (such as certain events, products and subscriptions), we do not receive and do not collect credit card information.

during registration
we ask for contact information. newsletter subscribers are required to give only their e-mail address, participants of on-line education courses, competitions and special events are asked to give also their name, age, gender and mailing address.

designboom collects information
from our website users, subscribers and customers for internal purposes. we use this information to communicate with users and provide requested services. we also collect the data for internal (and for business affiliates) audit verification purposes. we do not sell this data to third parties.

communications with us
we have features where users can submit information to us. letters to the editor and similar submissions may be made public. requests for service, support or information may be forwarded as needed to best respond to a specific request.

with whome your information is shared
when we have co-branded, or when we join with other parties to provide specific services (such as events, competitions), we may share (provide and receive) personal information with them. other than as set forth above, we do not share personally identifiable information with other companies.

we use reasonable precautions to protect our users’ personal information and to store it securely. the servers on which we store personally identifiable information are kept in a secure environment.