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baggizmo textile bag accommodates all accessories

by  Baggizmo from United States (US)
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Product Description

Baggizmo offers a unique way of carrying your personal items. The every day carry bag is organized to accommodate a tablet, two smartphones, keys, wallet, power stick, pencil, a pad of paper etc. via multiple-sized pockets whose directions and sizes correspond to the devices they house. Each of these have internal cushioning that is lined with several layers of material that provide protection against mechanical or heat damage.


The inner most lining is microfiber, suitable for gadget pockets since it is a textile often used to clean screens. Channels between each of the compartments conveniently provide clearance for charge cables and headphones. The bag also includes an integrated NFC (near field communication) tag—a wireless technology that allows the transfer of data such as texts or numbers.


Worn over a T-shirt, shirt, under or over a jacket or business suit, ‘Baggizmo’ manages to retain a slim shape when it’s full, following the lines of the body thanks to an adjustable (and comfortable) padded shoulder strap. Made from Schoeller®-dynatec, an innovative material that is abrasion resistant, fall protection, breathable, 2-way-stretch, UV stops, wind and water repellent, ‘Baggizmo’ is hardwearing, with good protective properties. The back of the design is made from breathable mesh material from Schoeller®-spirit fabrics offering good breathability and defense against the weather.


‘Baggizmo’ straps come in three designs / colors: black, patterned black or patterned gray, which are made from a composite weave that has a soft fiber feel, is rugged and unusually resistant at the same time.


‘Baggizmo’ buckles come in two finishes: silver or anthracite black matt, and are especially designed for this bag. They are made from zamak, part of the zinc aluminium alloy family, and have a satin nickel surface treatment, with a matt finish that is achieved with high performance cataphoretic lacquer that offers improved wear resistance.


‘Baggizmo’ is available in versions for both lefties and righties, providing comfort and easy usability for all. For lefty version please contact us on [email protected] to check availability.


Additional Information


jet black, space cadet blue


black-strap, pattern-black-strap, pattern-gray-strap


anthracite black matt finishing buckle, silver matt finishing buckle

seller information

  • Baggizmo’s design smartly merges tech-aware and contemporary urban fashion, promoting a new trend in wearing tech devices among men. _ Baggizmo is designed by the design collective, Manufakturist. _ Our designers tested various body positions in which the bag has to function in a way that the gadgets are easy accessible and that the bag doesn’t move around the body in uncontrolled directions. They were careful to arrange objects according to weight, so that one part of the bag would not outweigh another. _ Baggizmo’s shape has been conditioned around a polygonal pattern that has enabled the good grip of the bag to the torso, while the possibility of regulating the length of the straps provides customization depending on a man's proportions. _ The bag's dimensions have been kept to a minimum due to the content of each compartment, thus limiting the "overload" which threatens its stability on the body and comfort of wearing and using Baggizmo. _ The project was initiated and is led by Ladislav Juric, an IT manager and also Founder Institute graduate. He is a gadget freak and never leaves his home without all of his gadgets. He needed a bag that he could fit them all into and keep them safe and organized. He didn’t find any of the regular backpack or bulky EDC bags suitable. After an accident in which his tablet was crushed, he decided to start this adventure and create the only EDC bag he will ever need > Baggizmo. _ So, when we started this project the only everyday carry bags for men were bulky and not functional to wear every day in various professional or private situations. Our main focus was to develop an advanced, more functional and aesthetically pleasing way of carrying things under a man’s arm. _ _ _ Baggizmo is registered trademark of Motus Vis Inc., OH, USA. _ _ _


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worldwide $15.00
europe $7.00


shipping policy

Your order will be sent within 3 – 7 business days of receiving payment. Approximate delivery time will vary according to your location. It shouldn’t take longer than 10 working days (Europe), or 15 working days (USA, Canada, other countries). If you need an urgent delivery, please contact us and we will organize it. Extra shipping costs will depend on your location. Contact email: [email protected]

Please carefully check your delivery address information. If delivery is not possible, the package will be returned to us. If a shipment is returned due to a wrong address or not responding to the courier’s note for delivery, shipping costs for a second delivery will be charged to you. If a shipment is returned due to other reasons, shipping costs for a second delivery will be free of charge. Buyers are responsible for all customs fees, taxes, or receiving fees incurred. Buyers are responsible for knowing and abiding by any import restrictions to their country.


refund Policy

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we want all of our customers to receive high quality products. Please contact us with any issues so that we may address it to your satisfaction. You always have a 3 months warranty period if something is wrong with the product. If you are not completely satisfied with your product, simply return the unused product(s) in its original unbroken packaging within 14 days of receipt for a refund. When we receive the product, we will refund the value of the purchased product, but not the original freight. You must pay for the freight to return the goods and this must also be arranged by yourself. The goods are your responsibility until they reach our warehouse. Please ensure you pack the return safely to prevent any damage to the products or boxes. Once we have received the returned products, we will inspect them and process the refund within 3 business days.