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EYEteleporter offers a new point of view

by  Life Is Short from Lithuania

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Product Description

EYEteleporter // transformable periscopic mask that displaces your eyesight.

an educating/entertaining object for those curious about possible sensations that nature did not originally install into human body. EYEteleporter tweaks the subject’s vision and body image.


the mask is transformable into three modes for different points of view:

// view point of your belly. visual displacement is reinforced by being able to see your hands operating in places they should not be.

// view point way above your head. you feel too tall. makes some people weak in the knees.

// view point way above your head, backwards and upside down… your ceiling changes places with floor. trippy.


the EYEteleporter mask is made of high grammage corrugated cardboard, acrylic mirrors, wood and wee elastic band. all masks are numbered, the next one to be bought will be number 60.

EYEleporter is shipped fully assembled, ready for visual explorations.

seller information


ship to cost
europe $25.00
usa+canada $30.00
asia+middle east $30.00
south america $30.00
australia $48.00
africa $30.00
mexico, central america and caribbean $30.00


shipping policy

since it requires hand-assemby, expect your EYEteleporter to be shipped 1-2 weeks after ordering.


refund Policy

n / a