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o-fan focuses wind channel direction

by  elevenplus from South Korea
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Product Description

11+ O-Fan, our latest USB powered mini fan, is the spearhead of our minimalistic design discipline. It sits freely on a saddle crafted base to accommodate to any desired wind direction.


O-Fan’s frame and the embossed saddle creates a pin point wind channel, to maximize its cooling efficiency. Our runner motor keeps the fan very quiet even after a long hours of operation. O-Fan, gives your lifestyle a definite plus with the cool breeze, in one brilliant design.

Additional Information


earth-blue, mars-coral, mecury-gray

seller information

  • address: 51 Anyangchunseo-ro, Manan-Gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • We habitually surround ourselves with functional and practical things that satisfy our need for convenience. Although necessity should be the primary motivation to purchase a product, we believe that a product can also inspire your emotions and bring happiness to your life. We hope that our products will amaze you each time you use them, and like your best friends, be sources of joy and fond memories. It is our belief that good designs should be easily attainable with reasonable prices; thereby more people can enjoy and take delight of using well designed products. Our goals are to reveal and spread the happiness through a sense of bonding via 11+ products — making the world just a bit more pleasant for everyone.
We are committed to: Features and functions: Focus on basic features and functions. We are constantly flooded by products equipped with fancy technologies and various features – many of which we do not utilize. Surely, advanced technologies can provide us the advantages of additional convenience. Yet how many times have we gone to an electronics store with the full determination to purchase a specific product, only to find ourselves bewildered and overwhelmed by irrelevant and superfluous? With this question in mind, the ability of products to bring pleasure to our lives is overshadowed by new technologies. Becoming an early adapter to a cutting-edge technology is important to many people. Nonetheless, 11+ intends to fulfill the basic features and functions that a product is originally expected to perform, allowing those of us yearning to return to the basics the ability to have both simplicity and convenient, modern functionality. Design: Unaffected by trends yet satisfy people's sensibilities. By finding this balance, we hope to bring joy to the owners of our products. The design of 11+ products reflects our consideration for our users, by incorporating simple and straight forward shapes and functions, ultimately eliminating the unnecessary features that are commonly found among modern products.. We also focus on delivering a "360 Design Experience" philosophy to our consumers. Each detail found when encountering an 11+ product has been well thought through – it is deliberate and Price: Provide affordable, well designed products to our customers. We believe that all have the right to enjoy good designed products with reasonable prices. In order to provide and maintain reasonable prices, Elevenplus endeavors to cut down the complicated distribution steps that cause higher costs. We also design products to be more easily made at the very beginning of the design process. The defects that occurred during manufacturing can raise manufacturing costs and these are passed onto price. Another effort is to put only necessary functions on our products. We invest a good amount of time thinking certain functions that are really needed for users. If it is not needed, we just remove it.


ship to cost
europe $20.00
asia+middle east $10.00
south america $20.00
australia $15.00
africa $20.00
mexico, central america and caribbean $20.00


shipping policy

It will take 5-10 business days that you receive your item after the payment is confirmed. Just in case you don't receive your item within 12 business days after your payment, I'd appreciate it if you would contact us at [email protected] or +82-1588-4781


refund Policy

The maximum period of manufacturer warranty for this product is 6 months. During the warranty period stated above, we warrant the product for manufacturing defects or component failure under normal operation, providing free repair service. For compensation for injury or for any other inquiries, please contact us at [email protected] (Even within the warranty period, you may have to pay for services that are not covered by the warranty.)