rubber barber eraser creates different hairstyles

by  lu-wei chen from  Taiwan


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the ‘rubber barber’ by lu-wei chen for megawing, is a simple eraser that will make you smile. each one has a face at its center, surrounded by a square of colour, which as the user erases, gradually creates various funky hairstyles, depending on how you work it. this process not only results in a happy interaction between user and the eraser, but also reminds people to use their imagination, and that sometimes mistakes can bring humour!

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  • the erasers before use
  • packaging
  • with glasses
  • the ‘rubber barber’ comes in four different colors which you can erase into your ideal hairstyle.
  • documenting the process of erasing…
  • each one has a different facial expression
  • each measures 45 x 38 x13mm
  • who thought making mistakes could bring a smile to your face?