25 most commented articles published in the last 30 days

25 most commented articles published in the last 30 days

A2arquitectos: bar in the caves

READER'S SUBMISSION Bar in the Hams Caves of Porto Cristo, Mallorca, Spain by A2arquitectos.

styria architects: university of ma

READER'S SUBMISSION the dissonance between the existing and the new spatial programme and the related technology makes the dogma on designing and basi...

urbanus: argitecture / archicu


for the second year, designboom hosted an architectural conversation which looked at the future trends of cities. wang hui pres...

michel charlot: U-turn for BEL


accent lighting with a twist - a fully removable and adjustable head gives the user complete flexibility and 360 degree illumin...


DESIGNBOOM COMPETITIONS LEXUS is announcing the creation of the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD to nurture and suppor


DESIGNBOOM COMPETITIONS in collaboration with designboom the india design forum celebrates india's vibra

PAPER - sept. 19 - nov. 19

DESIGN - AEROBICS beyond a writing surface, paper can be used for so much more. furniture, lighting, packaging: from the planning stages to finished works, we'll explore the infinite possibilities...

DIGITAL DESIGN- sept. 19 - nov. 19

DESIGN - AEROBICS learn the fundamentals of visual communication and apply them to the multimedia platforms. better understand web-design basics, apps, motion graphics and more.
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