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25 most tweeted articles published in the last 30 days
25 most tweeted articles published in the last 30 days

25 most tweeted articles published in the last 30 days
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yuri suzuki: london underground circuit map r

technology | 09.06.12

by exploring communication systems in consumer electronics, users can visually understand the complex networks associated with electricity and how power is generated in a radio.


30,000 bottle caps decorate russian pensioner

art | 09.12.12

hammering every cap by hand, the russian pensioner used the conventional macrame technique of weaving and knit knots to fabricate the detailed mosaics.


bubble wrap typography by lo siento

design | 09.04.12

graphic design moves beyond the realm of 2D with typography born from injecting bubble wrap blisters with colored fluid.


banksy comes to life through animated GIFs

art | 09.10.12

the artwork sees six well known pieces of the famed street artist come to life through GIF art.


hyper-matrix vertical kinetic landscapes by j

technology | 09.02.12

the installation for the hyundai motor group exhibition pavilion is comprised of thousands of 30x30cm cubes, which make up the internal facade of the building.


impossible instant lab turns iPhone images in

technology | 09.11.12

the device is capable of developing digital images from the iPhone into analog photography using polaroid-style film.


technology | 09.14.12

the bluetooth equipped portable wireless keyboard is made from a single piece of premium maple and walnut.


logo life: life histories of 100 famous logos

design | 09.04.12

logo life from BIS publishers charters the evolution of some of the world's best known logos.


colorful pigeons amongst a flock of grey at t

art | 08.29.12

julian charriere and julius von bismarck have collaborated to dye the birds in an effort to change people's perception of them being considered the 'rats of the sky'.


nelson mandela monument by marco cianfanelli

art | 09.20.12

built for the 50th anniversary of the nobel peace prize winner's arrest by the south african apartheid police, the sculpture has been built from 50 columns of metal rising from concrete, representative of his 27 year incarceration.


andy warhol limited edition campbell's soup c

design | 08.31.12

the iconic food company has introduced a series of four-limited edition soup can labels that pay tribute to the late pop artist.


cloud made from 6,000 light-bulbs by caitlind

design | 09.19.12

a life-sized interactive light installation engages the public to participate by standing beneath the structure and pulling lights on and off, creating the flickering aesthetic of an electrical cloud. 


fashion cinemagraphs by jamie beck + kevin bu

art | 09.09.12

the work presented may be an earring gently swaying or a lock of hair in the breeze - all depicting moments suspended in time, a fragment of a memory put on hold.


citrus spray by lekue

design | 09.09.12

a food attachment which one twists into oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes and other citrus to spray the juices of the fruit onto salads, seafood and other dishes to season them.


spherical glass solar energy generator by raw

technology | 08.25.12

the spherical glass solar energy generator uses the advantageous strategy of implementing a ball lens and specific geometrical structure to improve energy efficiency by 35%.


tree house bird-apartment by nendo

design | 09.11.12

one side of the elevated structure features 78 nest spaces for birds, while the other has an opening for one person to enter and peer into the birds' nests from inside the tree house.


trace app for architects by morpholio project

architecture | 09.26.12

endless digital sheets of canary trace paper allow architects and designers to endlessly sketch and draw on photos which may be easily sent to colleagues to give comments and feedback.


camille seaman captures the beauty of superce

art | 09.25.12

the work celebrates the natural phenomena looming over the american landscape - immortalizing billowing cloud masses and smoky grey tornadoes.


art | 09.24.12

32, 000 people witnessed the first multimedia projection on the famous church, rendering it a canvas for an eclectic display of sound, light and color.


glass walkway at china's tianmen mountain par

design | 11.24.11

a 2.5-inch thick glass walkway is all that separates travelers from a nearly mile-long drop on this pathway in tianmen mountain national park.


eric cahan: sky series

art | 09.10.12

the work depicts the natural polychromatic phenomenon of sunrises and sunsets, each piece visualizing a moment - and memory - captured.


google street view goes underwater

technology | 09.26.12

the new underwater google maps development provides panoramic virtual scuba tours through six reefs around the world.


asia's tallest mural by hendrik beikirch

reader's submission | 09.06.12

asia's tallest mural in busan, south korea, consists of monochromatic painting of a local fisherman in his 60's on a building stretching over 70 meters (230 ft) in height.


spider projection: 3-D video mapping by fried

art | 09.26.12

the artist has built a to-scale model of the projection space, enclosing a spider within the structure, drawing the form of the installation from the creature's rapid movement.


A2arquitectos: bar in the caves

READER'S SUBMISSION Bar in the Hams Caves of Porto Cristo, Mallorca, Spain by A2arquitectos.

styria architects: university of ma

READER'S SUBMISSION the dissonance between the existing and the new spatial programme and the related technology makes the dogma on designing and basi...

urbanus: argitecture / archicu


for the second year, designboom hosted an architectural conversation which looked at the future trends of cities. wang hui pres...

michel charlot: U-turn for BEL


accent lighting with a twist - a fully removable and adjustable head gives the user complete flexibility and 360 degree illumin...


DESIGNBOOM COMPETITIONS LEXUS is announcing the creation of the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD to nurture and suppor


DESIGNBOOM COMPETITIONS in collaboration with designboom the india design forum celebrates india's vibra

PAPER - sept. 19 - nov. 19

DESIGN - AEROBICS beyond a writing surface, paper can be used for so much more. furniture, lighting, packaging: from the planning stages to finished works, we'll explore the infinite possibilities...

DIGITAL DESIGN- sept. 19 - nov. 19

DESIGN - AEROBICS learn the fundamentals of visual communication and apply them to the multimedia platforms. better understand web-design basics, apps, motion graphics and more.
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