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urbanus: argitecture / archiculture - future cities, beijing

michel charlot: U-turn for BELUX

DESIGN | 11.07.12

accent lighting with a twist - a fully removable and adjustable head gives the user complete flexibility and 360 degree illumination.


bob dylan orchestra made from old computer eq

TECHNOLOGY | 11.06.12

chris cairns and is this good? have teamed up to create an orchestrated rendition of bob dylan's 'the times they are a-changin' using old computer equipment and retired brother electronics.


japan display: paper-like color LCD screen

TECHNOLOGY | 11.06.12

available in low and high reflective variations, the paper-like low-power color reflective LCD screen can playback video.


ECAL low-tech factory: rocking knit

DESIGN | 11.05.12

the design fashions its user a beanie as they leisurely rock back and forth, activating gears that put the machine to work as its sitter relaxes.


oakley airwave HUD + GPS goggles

TECHNOLOGY | 11.05.12

featuring a built-in heads-up display, the goggles implement GPS and bluetooth technology alongside an accelerometer, barometer and gyro sensors for accessing real time run information.


oncle sam popcorn machine

DESIGN | 11.05.12

the project celebrates the processes of manufacturing, where an elaborate contraption orchestrates the ingredients in a grandiose fashion to reach the final tasty result.


studio inbetween: one piece of lamp

DESIGN | 11.05.12

conceived in a rather unique manner, the multi-purpose lamp slices interval patterns using a rolling press, allowing for the material to extend and contract.


multithread: selective laser printing process

DESIGN | 11.04.12

currently on display at the istanbul design biennial, designers reed kram and clemens weisshaar have sent designboom an exclusive video of the development process involved with the collection.


swifty scooters: swiftyONE folding kick scoot

DESIGN | 11.04.12

the folding kick scooter for urban commuting is produced with an innovative mechanism which allows users to collapse the two-wheeler down to an ultra slim profile, making it storage efficient.


annika frye: the improvisation machine

DESIGN | 11.03.12

the series of pieces are produced in a experimental production setup using a self-made rotational moulding machine.


interactive thunderstorm

ART | 11.01.12

the project is characterized by a thunderstorm contained within a series of large hand-cast resin sculptures, each individual form a unique instrument hanging 40 feet from the ceiling.


DESIGN | 11.01.12

in this charmingly simple video henrik kubel of A2-TYPE explains, via hand rendered lettering, the influence of his favorite childhood television show - where the presenter would draw animals as he talked about them.


shinichi ogawa & associates: 150m weekend house

nimbRo-OP humanoid robot plays soccer

TECHNOLOGY | 11.01.12

weighing approximately 6.6kg, the humanoid robot has the capabilities of moving in turning motions, kicking a ball and quickly bouncing back up on its feet when knocked over, making it proficient at playing soccer.


ERW: airless mountain bike tires

TECHNOLOGY | 11.01.12

developed to eliminate the need of air in bike tires, the system prevents the need for tube replacements and the common occurrence of punctures


TECHNOLOGY | 10.31.12

having been under construction since march 2011, the first amounts of electricity have been generated at the world's largest offshore wind farm.


sky wi-fi digital smartpen by livescribe

TECHNOLOGY | 10.30.12

when capturing notes, ideas and diagrams, the wi-fi smartpen wirelessly syncs the information to a personal online account, which can then be viewed at a later time.


patrick rampelotto + fritz pernkopf: pilot st

DESIGN | 10.29.12

the flat pack furniture collection implements a polypropylene seat pan created using a special manufacturing process.


steve jobs' venus yacht

TECHNOLOGY | 10.29.12

the yacht that was being designed by steve jobs up until his passing a little over a year ago, has made its first appearance as a finished product in the city of aalsmeer in the netherlands.


bakoko: onjuku beach house


this weekend getaway is complete and ready for its surfing owners to inhabit along chiba's pacific coast in japan.


EASTERN design office: tower of ring


positioned within a big square, the tubular building is composed of stacked rings with an undulating profile creating a pattern of eye-shaped voids to allow daylight to enter.


DGT architects: the bump - renault salon

TECHNOLOGY | 10.27.12

developed for the 2012 paris international motor show, the rotating stands enhance the feeling of motion created with a three-dimensional floor and ceiling lighting installation.


alex fowkes: sony music timeline


sony music has unveiled a graphic installation documenting the company's 125 year musical history. the typographic piece covers almost 150 square meters in their london headquarters.


samsung solar powered internet school

TECHNOLOGY | 10.26.12

located in phomolong, south africa, the internet-enabled mobile schoolhouse provides children with modern accesses to technology and education.


thilo frank: the phoenix is closer

ART | 10.26.12

the mirror installation appears to merge into the surrounding space by revealing a perfectly euclidical core where visitors become the spatial focal point as they proceed on a swing.


TYIN tegnestue architects: cassia coop training centre

A2arquitectos: bar in the caves

READER'S SUBMISSION Bar in the Hams Caves of Porto Cristo, Mallorca, Spain by A2arquitectos.

styria architects: university of ma

READER'S SUBMISSION the dissonance between the existing and the new spatial programme and the related technology makes the dogma on designing and basi...

urbanus: argitecture / archicu


for the second year, designboom hosted an architectural conversation which looked at the future trends of cities. wang hui pres...

michel charlot: U-turn for BEL


accent lighting with a twist - a fully removable and adjustable head gives the user complete flexibility and 360 degree illumin...


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DIGITAL DESIGN- sept. 19 - nov. 19

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