00group envisions sculptural bookstore that engages visitors with nature

00group envisions sculptural bookstore that engages visitors with nature


catch the sound from the ocean: a poetic bookstore concept


‘catch the sound from the ocean’ is a poetic interpretation of a bookstore nestled at the foot of a mountain in shenzhen, china. designed by 00group, the proposal is a sculpted white building with three large openings pointing towards the sea, sky, and woods. as such, visitors can collect the sounds and sceneries from the surroundings. ‘it is like a small spiritual lighthouse, continuously converging and bridging the fragments of nature within the spiritual world of reading,’ says the architectural team. 

catch the sound from the ocean 2
catch the sound from the ocean | all renderings © 00group



experiencing changes in color, light, and sound from within 


in line with the bookstore’s fluid shape, the 00group team did not embed any apparent boundaries between the indoors and outdoors. instead, nature seems to wander gently into the room while internal activities gracefully flow out along the curve. indeed, walking into the bookstore, sitting on the wooden floor and seats, visitors can quietly watch the changes in color, light, and sound that fill up the room. ‘it is like filtering the natural environment in this small container of a space — like a work of art,’ comments the designers. 

catch the sound from the ocean 1
bird’s eye view showing the building glowing beneath the treetops



one particularly poetic expression exuding from this design concept is the movement of light envisioned within the bookstore. as the sun changes positions throughout the day, the circular light spots created by the openings, and reflected indoors, begin to move with it. the core of the space, therefore, captures the touching moments of coexistence between humans and nature on site.

catch the sound from the ocean 3
three openings that collect the sights, sounds, and colors of the surroundings

catch the sound from the ocean 5
glimpse of the structure from afar







project info:


name: catch the sound from the ocean

location: shenzen, china

program: bookstore

year: 2021

status: research

architectural concept: 00group
renderings and models: 00group



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