100architects conceptualizes floating suprematist pool in moscow
all visuals courtesy of 100architects 




floating over the moskva river, next to pushkinskii bridge and gorky central park of culture and leisure in moscow, is the ‘suprematist pool’. the project is a conceptual work by 100architects that seeks unexplored uses that could be be added in addition to the recently renewed riverside area. the idea is essentially to allow easy access to the river, giving citizens the chance to establish relationships with the as-of-yet uncharted territory.

the floating pavilion can be disassembled during the winter months 




an important feature of the ‘suprematist pool’ is its construction. composed of different floating components, after a summer full of use, it can simply be disassembled and stored for the winter. aesthetically, the formal composition is based on ‘suprematism 2’, by russian painter kazimir malevich. the water-bound pool and plaza are direct interpretations of the geometric forms. its the purity of the patterns that helps define the space, its connections, rhythms, tensions and uses, and also avoids limiting functions by the presence of pre-established shapes.

100architects floating suprematist pool moscow designboom
various floating spaces 




the pool connects to the riverbank through a wooden deck. the same form shows up repeatedly, linking all platforms together into an interconnected mass displayed in correlation to malevich’s work. structures are, theoretically, composed of metal and wood, with fiber glass hulls bound together with steel beams. in the urban environment, the pavilion acts as an extension of the already existing park.

pool and surrounding deck area 

100architects floating suprematist pool moscow designboom
‘suprematism 2’ by kazimir malevich



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