100architects translates chinese lucky coin into entertainment plaza
all images courtesy of 100architects




shanghai based 100architects’ ‘lucky coin’ plaza is a programmatic landscape for entertainment in the heart of hong kong. based on the traditional chinese fortune symbol, the project is circular in shape with a square void in the center. serving as the interception of all functions, the central space is highly adaptable and articulates all ten ‘lucky coin’ programs. each of the ten is placed on a different platform, together they include: a restaurant, playground, green space, dining area, event stage, seating, hammock zone, and more. 

100architects lucky coin entertainment plaza‘lucky coin’

100architects translates chinese lucky coin into entertainment plaza
the space’s square center easily accommodates events such as concerts and performances 

the bright yellow form purposely disconnects from its surroundings 

100architects lucky coin entertainment plaza
‘lucky coin’ was designed by 100architects



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