23o5studio interrupts a suburban block in vietnam with sloping concrete J14 house

23o5studio interrupts a suburban block in vietnam with sloping concrete J14 house

an intervention in concrete


capping a row of repetitive suburban homes in ho chi minh city, vietnam-based practice 23o5studio surprises with its J14 house intervention. the dwelling is expressed with a contemporary language that maintains the memory of traditional forms. the bulk of the house is enclosed by sloping concrete volumes until finally, toward the top, the geometry returns to the typical peaked rooftop clad with the same red shingles of its neighbors. the minimal detailing of the architecture is highlighted by the extravagant neoclassical elements which ornament the adjacent homes, with fluted pilasters and corinthian columns among other decorative flourishes. the team at 23o5studio instead ornaments the raw concrete surfaces with lush plant life and lightweight screening.

23o5studio J14 houseimages by hiroyuki oki



simplicity of material and function


23o5studio‘s J14 house is organized between different layers, with an homogeneous stone finish both inside and outside. the continuous material, along with the broadly opened terraces, blur the boundaries between the interior spaces and exterior, celebrating the interactions between the occupant and the city. the house’s presence contrasts that of its surrounding context, its smooth surfaces relying not on applied ornament to express its material. the house overall is designed simply — both formally and programmatically. with wide, open spaces, the dimension and human scale is altered. spaces have ambiguous and flexible functions which are left to be activated by the inhabitant.


the team at 23o5studio comments on the spirit of its J14 house: ‘architecture has a special material relationship with human life, as a cover and foundation for the life that unfolds around it.’

23o5studio J14 housethe raw concrete volumes contrast the neoclassical language of its neighbors

23o5studio J14 house
wide openings invite lush plant life into the flexible spaces 23o5studio interrupts a suburban block in vietnam with sloping concrete J14 house
the traditional pitched roof is translated into a contemporary interior


the house opens widely in section to create connections between levels

23o5studio interrupts a suburban block in vietnam with sloping concrete J14 house
the interior spaces of 23o5studio’s J14 house extend outward to become lush terraces


the house is ornamented only with lush plant life and lightweight screening




project info:


project title: J14 house

architecture: 23o5studio

location: ho chi minh city, vietnam

lead architects: ngô việt khánh duy

photography: hiroyuki oki

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