architecture for the road by 2m26


while its doors are closed for renovation, hiroshima‘s museum of contemporary art (MOCA) commissioned 2m26 to design a movable storage unit to host workshops and events across the japanese city. named ‘MOCA hiroshima toolbox’, the compact design cleverly contains furniture and tools required to transform public spaces into a place for citizens.

2m26 builds movable 'toolbox' to host workshops and events in hiroshima
images courtesy of 2m26



the main parameter for the toolbox was that it has to fit on the back of a kei truck so that it could be easily moved around the city. in their design, the 2m26 team also makes reference to, and reinterprets, a type of traditional storehouse called ‘kura’. typically used to store precious family treasures, kura are built from wood, stone or clay and feature traditional wall patterns, which 2m26 has reinterpreted as sliding doors.


the small space holds 5 large tables, 40 stools, and 40 boxes of various sizes, which can also be assembled as extra counters. once the toolbox is unloaded, the upper level can host a variety of functions, from a teahouse to a place to sleep. the construction uses timber from keihoku and traditional japanese carpentry methods. meanwhile, the curved lines on the furniture express a contemporary touch.

2m26 builds movable 'toolbox' to host workshops and events in hiroshima
the toolbox opens to reveal 5 large tables and 40 stools



MOCA hiroshima toolbox is designed to bring the museum out of its walls and connect people. four workshops have been planned so far in order to share the streets with hiroshima’s inhabitants and enjoy building new tools and furniture for the city together.


when the museum’s two-year renovation is complete, the toolbox will be relocated to a new multipurpose space added to the original museum.

hiroshima moca museum toolbox 6
the design makes reference to traditional ‘kura’ storehouses

hiroshima moca museum toolbox 7
boxes can be stacked to create counters

hiroshima moca museum toolbox 8
the entire toolbox is built using traditional joinery methods

hiroshima moca museum toolbox 9
when the toolbox is empty, the upper level can be use as a tearoom or even a place to sleep

hiroshima moca museum toolbox 10
keihoku timber was used for the construction

hiroshima moca museum toolbox 12
upto 40 people can enjoy a workshop anywhere in the city




project info:


name: hiroshima MOCA museum toolbox

location: hiroshima, japan

architecture: 2m26


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