‘casa tuscania’ by cincopatasalgato, san salvador, el salvador
image © plastika photodesign
all images courtesy of cincopatasalgato





in the dense rainforest outside of san salvador, local practice cincopatasalgato has completed the ‘casa tuscania’ for architect jose roberto paredes. using a palette primarily consisting of steel, wood and concrete, the home departs from the vernacular of the region with invitations to a redefined modernism while holding on to the fundamental elements that retain the aesthetic language. neighbored only by the canopies of the surrounding treetops, the house is the result of the architect’s life experience. everything from the forms to the material selections to the relations between interior and exterior were purposefully, if not at time subconsciously designed. concrete partitions and planes offer a low maintenance structure whose thermal properties help keep the living spaces cool in the sun-bathed environment. a framework of steel beams and rafters define walls and ceilings of minimal thickness, contributing to an overall sense of openness within the structure and to the outside. panels of wooden planks add a warmth and texture to the interior at the same time relating to the timber trunks surrounding the construct. translucent operable panels and pivoting full height doors transform the spaces and act as filters against direct light as they fill the interior with a warm glow. in every space one never loses the connection to the environment with a colorful playfulness that evokes master plans made in childhood dreams.



dining area and loft
image © plastika photodesign



image © plastika photodesign



kitchen area
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kitchen and dining table
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(left) bathroom
(right) stone walkway into the home
image © plastika photodesign



sitting area amidst the treetops
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project info:



architecture: cincopatasalgato /josé roberto paredes
design team: josé roberto paredes, fátima guevara, josé luis cruz, luis herrera, helen navas (diseño de interiores)
construction: lópez-hurtado  s.a. de c.v.
structure: narváez-hinds s.a. de c.v.
site area: 1500m2
built area: 260m2
photography: plastika  photodesign