bella sky hotel by 3XN all images courtesy 3XN

right now the construction of the bella sky hotel by 3XN in copenhagen is the largest building site in denmark. in only 6 months bella sky will open.

visually the hotel will be characterized by the two leaning towers, creating a spectacular and unspoiled view over the green meadows, the sea and the copenhagen skyline.

the two towers incline 15 degrees – by comparison the leaning tower in pisa leans at an angle of 3.97 degrees – amounting to a staggering 20 meter slope difference between the ground and top floor. in order to accommodate such working conditions special fitters were trained to abseil down the building to mount the facade.

situated in the new urban area orestad at the island of amager and close to both copenhagen city centre and cph airport, the bella sky adds hotel and congress facilities to the much used exhibition venue, the bella center. being close to the airport flight safety regulations requires a maximum tower  of 75m (23 floors). hence, a one high rise structure solution was not an option. 3XN’s design turns this limitation into an advantage.

two towers incline in opposite directions, with facades breaking off during the rise. in this way both variation, a dynamic shape and an unobstructed view of the green meadows and the sea from all rooms in both towers is obtained. top twist of one of the towers decreases problems with turbulens in the flat, windy landscape, and a ground floor twist of the other makes room for a clearly indicated entrance. the hotel lobby is merged into the existing entrance lobby of the bella center, making the hotel a true integrated part of the complex.

the first phase of bella sky will open may 2011.

3XN: bella sky hotel

3XN: bella sky hotel

3XN: bella sky hotel

3XN: bella sky hotel

project info:

address: bella center, center boulevard 5, dk-2300 københavn s

client: bella center a/s

area: 42,000 m2 (814 rooms)

3XN team: kim herforth nielsen, bo boje larsen, jan ammundsen, marie hesseldahl larsen, maiken schmidt nielsen, børge motland, svend roald jensen, jørgen søndermark, bodil nordstrøm, anne strandgaard, jesper brink malmkjær, martin rejnholt frederiksen, stine de bang, kasper hertz, martin jonsbak nielsen, mads leth jensen, robin vind christiansen, jakob ohm laursen, thomas bang jespersen, søren nersting, esther bernhard clemmensen, anja pedersen, jens martin højrup, turid ohlsson, anders bak, helle westergaard, noel wibrand