3XN has revealed plans for a hotel wing in denmark that will be built, clad, and insulated using wooden materials that will not only be CO2 neutral, but climate-positive. the project has been designed for hotel green solution house (hotel GSH), a hotel on the danish island of bornholm that was originally completed in 2015 by 3XN and its green think tank GXN. scheduled to open in 2021, the new wing will contain 24 rooms, a conference room, and a roof spa.

3XN plans denmark's first climate-positive hotel
all images courtesy of 3XN



built, clad, and insulated with wood, hotel GSH’s new wing — designed by 3XN and GXN — is expected to provide a positive climate footprint when built — something that has not been seen in a commercial building in denmark before. besides being all wood, the new hotel wing excels by upcycling waste products created from the off-cut construction for the furniture and surfaces, while debris from local granite quarries are used for decoration in the conference room. the stone also helps to regulate the temperature in the conference room.

3XN plans denmark's first climate-positive hotel



furthermore, the building is all naturally ventilated via skylight windows and open areas, which eliminates the need for mechanical solutions. one of the hallmarks of the new building is that all the components are designed for reuse with reversible joints, and will not end up as demolition waste as with conventional construction projects. construction of the new hotel wing will begin in autumn 2020 and is scheduled to complete before the summer of 2021.

3XN plans denmark's first climate-positive hotel



project info:


name: new wing at hotel GSH
location: rønne, denmark
design: 3XN and GXN
client: hotel green solution house (hotel GSH)
status: construction to begin in autumn 2020, completion scheduled for 2021