a reconfigurable apartment is built within bjarke ingels' pixelated tower in ecuador

a reconfigurable apartment is built within bjarke ingels' pixelated tower in ecuador

an adaptable dwelling in quito, ecuador


Ecuador-based JAG Studio photographs a timber intervention dubbed ‘501’ within Quito’s pixelated IQON tower, a residential project completed recently by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). This interior space is designed by a team led by Juan Alberto Andrade with the aim of maximizing utility and creating adaptable spaces that allow for the fluid integration of different activities. The core concept behind the ‘501’ apartment is to prioritize the flexibility of useful space by introducing volumes that are both inhabitable and reconfigurable.


The architects have recognized that modern housing should be versatile, diverse, and capable of accommodating transformations over time. Embracing this concept, JAG Studio has designed a space that is neutral and configurable, offering a canvas for inhabitants to tailor the environment according to their needs.

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Juan Alberto Andrade transforms a bjarke ingels apartment


At the heart of the ‘501’ apartment in Bjarke Ingels’ Ecuador tower, Juan Alberto Andrade incorporates two containing pieces that allow for various activities within one harmonious place. These ‘Stations’ and ‘Substations’ provide distinct zones that cater to different functions. The Stations are identified as ‘a: room’ and ‘b: music studio,’ each serving as dedicated spaces for specific purposes. On the other hand, the Substations — labeled as a1, a2, a3, a4; b1, b2 — offer the flexibility to include diverse uses. This arrangement allows for a seamless transition from spaces designed for permanence and privacy to those that cater to professional activities.

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integrated furniture solutions


The Ecuador-based architects integrate thoughtfully-crafted furniture solutions into the design of the ‘501’ apartment to make the most of the available space. The Stations include a pull-out bed system, offering an efficient way to optimize sleeping arrangements while freeing up floor area during the day. Additionally, a unit featuring a working table, seats, and multiple storage and shelving equipment crafted from laminated boards, green-tinted boards, and four-milimeter metal sheets brings practicality and elegance to the living space.


The beauty of the ‘501’ apartment lies in its adaptability to change and the range of possibilities it presents. By creating a space that can be reconfigured and tailored to the inhabitants’ needs, JAG Studio has successfully bridged the gap between contemporary dynamics and habitability in the bustling city of Quito, Ecuador.

jag ecuador bjarke ingels
the compact dwelling can be freed up with built-in, collapsable furniturejag ecuador bjarke ingels
two ‘stations’ can each be transformed for different uses jag ecuador bjarke ingelsa keyboard is hidden away in the ‘music studio’ station


a pull-out bed is incorporated into the ‘room station’

jag ecuador bjarke ingels
a clean shelving system holds different possibilities within a single shape and material


bjarke ingels group’s sculptural structure shines along the interiors

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