'9 chapel' tower by SO – IL will shimmer in downtown brooklyn

'9 chapel' tower by SO – IL will shimmer in downtown brooklyn

sO – IL and tankhouse take on the brooklyn skyline


Downtown Brooklyn continues to evolve as locally-based studio SO – IL proposes a shimmering new residential tower at 9 Chapel Street. The project is sure to become a new landmark for the fast-paced New York neighborhood, which has in the past decade seen rapid growth. Luxury high-rises now dot the area, while the Brooklyn Tower rises above the skyline. With its glimmering, perforated facade, 9 Chapel will join this collection of new buildings as a standout addition, through the efforts of the acclaimed team of architects together with development firm Tankhouse. The 14-story freestanding condominium tower will contribute to a design-minded urban fabric in a borough that is fast growing up.


We proudly present 9 Chapel, our second multifamily venture in Brooklyn,’ said Florian Idenburg, co-founding partner of SO – IL.In collaboration with Tankhouse, our shared ambition to reshape urban living remains firm. Leveraging the particular characteristics of this site, we introduce an innovative concept: a collection of homes dynamically connected with their surroundings. This presents an exceptional and vibrant approach to 21st-century living in New York.’

SO – IL 9 chapelimages © DARCSTUDIO@darcstudio_



the rippling metal facade


Standing at the crossroads of Chapel and Jay Streets, 9 Chapel will emerge in Downtown Brooklyn draped in a shimmering and rippling facade designed by SO – IL. This undulating skin of perforated lightweight metal will wrap the tower’s exterior as a reflective canvas that captures and dances with light. This dynamic skin will frame views of both the immediate neighborhood along with the Manhattan skyline beyond. The architects‘ design ethos comes to life as the tower’s transparency blurs the boundaries between the interior and the exterior, fostering a sense of connection with the surrounding urban landscape.


With this unique site, we had the one-of-a-kind opportunity to build something that would have an intimate relationship with its surroundings while simultaneously pushing the design envelope to establish a new architectural landmark for the neighborhood,’ said Sam Alison-Mayne and Sebastian Mendez, co-founders of Tankhouse.SO – IL are true creative partners for us, and we are thrilled to offer this new residential opportunity that is sure to resonate with buyers who appreciate design, craftsmanship and inventive outdoor space. 9 Chapel will become the defining address for Downtown Brooklyn.’

SO – IL 9 chapellarge picture windows create frames of the surrounding neighborhood



outdoor terraces to evoke a ‘front porch’


A defining feature of 9 Chapel is its emphasis on outdoor living, a hallmark carried forward from SO – IL and Tankhouse‘s previous success with its residential project at 450 Warren. At 9 Chapel, this philosophy takes on a vertical dimension, where outdoor spaces are seamlessly integrated into the design and circulation of the tower. The residences, ranging from one-to-four-bedroom homes, are carefully planned to offer both expansive private outdoor spaces and a unique sense of community and connection. The tower’s visionary approach to outdoor space redefines the concept of high-rise living, welcoming residents with wide open-air terraces that evoke the warmth and familiarity of a front porch.

SO – IL 9 chapel
the architects emphasize communal space and outdoor living



interiors furnished by GUBI


Once complete, a model residence and communal spaces will be furnished with a curated selection of furniture and lighting from the GUBI Collection. GUBI’s Chief Brand Officer, Marie Kristine Schmidt comments:9 Chapel is a building made of spaces that blur the boundaries between indoors and out, full of air and light.


It is in these transitional spaces that the GUBI Collection comes to life — pieces that were conceived precisely for settings such as this, where interior and exterior meet and merge. The US is an important market for GUBI and we relish the opportunity to deepen our relationship with Tankhouse, with whom we share so many values.’
SO – IL 9 chapel
the condos each open onto a generous ‘front porch’ terrace'9 chapel' tower by SO – IL will shimmer in downtown brooklyneach home is designed like a corner unit, looking out in at least two directions


living spaces will be flooded with sunlight through large openings

'9 chapel' tower by SO – IL will shimmer in downtown brooklynthe lightweight facade is built of undulating, perforated metal


the ‘front porch’ terraces bring warmth and familiarity to high-rise living

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