a | 911's horizontal platah pavilion acts as a cultural landmark in hidalgo

a | 911's horizontal platah pavilion acts as a cultural landmark in hidalgo

designed by AECOM and a | 911, the 127,000 sqft platah pavilion is located within plataforma logística hidalgo in mexico, an industrial development strategically located within 840 acres of land. this building, which serves as access, control, administrative office and showroom, is a cultural reference from a distance. defined as a long horizontal volume, the structure establishes a resonance with the context replicating a traditional barn typology. 

all images courtesy of jaime navarro



295 feet in length and 36 feet high, its profile and spatial character responds to the surrounding landscape and its horizontality. its longitudinal telescopic form defines its construction. this formal strategy alongside the diverse openings, generate different environments within its interior. shifting geometries create spaces of variable proportions, with nuances in natural light and various exterior views. a | 911's project landscape design is grounded in the local climate and vegetation, and is composed by series of beams, gravel strips, stone walls and xerophyte vegetation gardens.



through these elements, the design generates visual references and habitable areas in building’s exterior. the building has been designed with a simple steel structure cladded with black corrugated sheet, which allowed for a fast construction process. these tectonic strategies allowed for a compelling volume with low maintenance. the building has spaces of variable proportions and heights, which serve as reception, work areas, meeting rooms, private areas, exhibition spaces, amongst other uses.



project info:


location: hidalgo, mexico
status: built
year: 2015
project design: a | 911
design leaders: saidee springall + jose castillo
design team: iván cervantes, rodrigo durán, daniela velázquez, andrea gutiérrez, jaime caballero
photograph: jaime navarro



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