A38 arkitekter realizes its diamanten cabin, ‘the diamond,’ in the mountains above oppdal in central norway. the compact dwelling is designed as an exercise in the dichotomy of traditional wooden structural systems together with contemporary minimalist geometries. the work challenges the typical architectural language of its surrounding mountain context. with its minimal footprint, the outward-facing cabin maintains an intimate atmosphere as the sweeping full-height glazing faces only one direction.

A38 diamanten cabin
images by martin innerdal dalen | @martinidalen



with its diamante cabin, norwegian studio A38 arkitekter presents a contemporary geometry in contrast to the nearby timber heritage buildings. the design team elaborates: ‘our concept is based on minimal interference with nature, which requires a very sturdy central column structurally supporting the annex. this allows the existing terrain to remain almost untouched. the steep hills above oppdal with its 18th-century traditional buildings provides the beautiful backdrop for ‘the diamond.’

A38 diamanten cabin



standing as a simple, faceted object within its natural context, A38 arkiteker’s diamanten cabin maintains an cozy and intimate interior atmosphere. while simple, the space inside expresses the dramatic, sloping angles of the volume. the large full-face windows spanning the wall and roof frame sweeping views of the valley below and the sky above. this project introduces a new and exciting dimension to the already impressive tradition of the area’s historic wooden architecture. the studio, based in høvik, developed the diamanten cabin for the norwegian television program ‘amazing makeovers.’

A38 diamanten cabin A38 diamanten cabin A38 diamanten cabin A38 diamanten cabin A38 diamanten cabin A38 diamanten cabin




project info:


project title: diamanten cabin

architecture: A38 arkitekter | @a38arkitekter

location: oppdal, norway

area: 45 meters

completion: 2019

photography: martin innerdal dalen | @martinidalen