students from the AA school of architecture’s 2016 summer program, ‘memory devices’, present a range of concepts that explore interactive and responsive qualities in public spaces. east london district hackney wick was selected as catalyst, serving as a source for reconstructing memories — personal or collective — which resulted in 1:1 physical pieces oriented around the chosen location.

furniture concept, outside installation
images © AA school of architecture




relationships and issues surrounding memory and place are given the stage, with each student project representing a narrative defined by connotative artifacts. each form seeks to challenge the essence of time, and propose new spatial forms that trigger emotions of viewers. as unforeseen conditions are created, do relationships between space and inhabitants change as well? the 2016 AA school of architecture summer program was led by architect vikrant tike and industrial designer onur ozkaya. special thanks are extended to natasha sandmeier (program director) and miruna mazilu (coordinator). 

AA school architecture memory devices summer program
adaptive interior furnishing

AA school of architecture's memory devices 2016 summer program
furniture device, moving for assembly

urban memory devices
image © valerie bennett

‘wick wheel information device’ for canal inhabitants
image © valerie bennett

AA school architecture memory devices summer program
‘wick boats’ presentation models
image © valerie bennett

‘memory devices’ was led by architect vikrant tike and industrial designer onur ozkaya
image © valerie bennett

‘urban toy’ device for kids in the canal community 

AA school architecture memory devices summer program
‘urban toy’ model detail



project info:


program: AA school of architecture, ‘london time’, summer 2016
instructors: vikrant tike, onur ozkaya
students: ayten nadeau, maria luisa torres, cezanne henney, hao wu, syed ali pasha, katelyn scanlan, cong ding, candice cao, michelle zheng, lucien asmar, henry wang, fabianna ruman, caroline van arwegen, chanitnanth phadungnanonth, mei xuan chew, yilei ren
special thanks to: natasha sandmeier (summer school program director), miruna mazilu (coordinator)



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edited by: nick brink | designboom