aamodt / plumb designs & builds modern texas prefab in a single year 
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american firm aamodt / plumb architects’ ‘modern texas prefab’ is a precedent setting example of two things: how to design a young family residence, and how to do it faster than anyone else. sitting on lake austin in central texas, USA, the 6,000ft2 (557m2) home went from idea to completion in a single year.

‘modern texas prefab’ by aamodt / plumb architects




in order to meet the constrictive deadline, aamodt / plumb had to approach the project from a new direction; essentially redesigning the process of constructing a house. a building information model was created as quickly as possible, followed by the employment of modified fast-tracking techniques typically used in large-scale commissions.

pathway to front door  




the architects approached bensonwood — a high-tech sustainable timber company — and put them to work manufacturing panel-sections of the house in their factory off-site. simultaneously, project contractor risinger homes began on-site foundation and framing. two weeks later, the structure was fully framed and ready for panels.

aamodt plumb architects modern texas prefab
entry room




the house — fully realized — has an airy, relaxed feel on par with the mood of austin itself. it is divided into two wings: one for bedrooms and home office, and one for dining, entertainment, and recreation. separation into halves also allowed aamodt / plumb to conserve all existing trees on-site, and nestle the plan around a mature oak tree. the exterior is clad in cyprus charred in the japanese shou sugi ban fashion, and is visually offset by a white steel roof.

aamodt / plumb designs & builds modern texas prefab in a single year
living area 

aamodt plumb architects modern texas prefab


operable shutters 

aamodt plumb architects modern texas prefab
shou sugi ban detail

floor plan: ground level 

floor plan: level two

aerial perspective



project info:


name: modern texas prefab
architects: aamodt / plumb architects
builder: risinger homes
panel fabricator: bensonwood
landscape architect: michael boucher landscape architecture
interior design: bella mancini design



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