‘a room for london’ by AC architecture, london, england images courtesy of AC architecture

milanese architect, antonio conroy of AC architecture is the latest to participate in living architecture’s ‘a room for london’ competition. the winning design, which will be announced in february 2011, will be located on the roof of the queen elizabeth hall for the year of the 2012 olympics in london. 

ac architecture’s proposal for the space was organized with a main area in the center and a series of subordinate rooms that grow off of it. the focus was not about giving the guests direct views of the city but ones that were filtered by other secondary spaces.

AC architecture: a room for london view of bedroom

AC architecture: a room for london site plan

the ubiquitous square footprint was extended 150cm up from the ground in order to neutralize the restricted views of the low horizon. by gaining the vertical dimension, the design was also able to capitalize on diagonal views. a big, low window looks over the river while other openings search for iconic landmarks such as big ben and the london wheel.

each corner of the square floor plan is utilized as a functional space with stairs – leading to various lookouts or programmatic functions – and a bathroom.   

AC architecture: a room for london floor plan and south east facade

once the space was defined, materialization began, sensitively focusing on the sensations each material would provide to the room. the ‘bedroom’ became an indefinite white space  with the peripheral spaces treated from floor to ceiling in horizontally laid wood slats. white was chosen for its neutrality but also its capacity to receive the projections of the light  filtering in from all directions and distorted by the texture of the wood surfaces that surround it. 

the exterior of the structure was handled in a delicate manor so not to impose on the beauty of the city. a reflective skin of aluminum blankets the hotel room, creating a mirror like facade that reflects the surrounding cityscape.

AC architecture: a room for london north east section and facade

AC architecture: a room for london south west section and facade

AC architecture: a room for london north west section and facade