adarc abstracts forms of houses to shape wooden footbridge in china
all images courtesy of adarc associates




in the outskirts foshan city, china, architecture firm ADARC associates and the government worked together to develop a pedestrian bridge spanning across a highway. as urban development continues to grow at a rapid pace in china, road networks are being constructed into the countryside- damaging the natural environment and rural life.

surrounded by quiet nature, the bridge hopes to provide a convenient connection across the highway




the contemporary parametric design adds to the overall rationality and logic; fitting its skyline into the local architectural context. the steel structure covered with local exposed timber, gently blends into the surrounding architectural context. meanwhile, the lighting highlights the silhouette, creating an interesting walking experience.

the tradition village buildings can be seen over the wall




built for lasting vitality, the design concept embodies old and new- blending local customs with modern architectural ideas. during the development, contemporary techniques were used in construction and expressed by the simple wooden frame supported by malleable steel. creating a ‘local feeling’- the form of the bridge is an abstract expression of the rooftops and eves of the traditional lingnam village buildings.

the design blends old customs and new technologies




as people journey through the corridor, the house shaped cross sections form a repetition, while gradually abstracting- deepening the perspective and depth of the route. the project stretches across ‘heyue road’- connecting the surrounding villages and providing a safe, convenient and accessible way of going for local villagers. covering 1,500 sqm, spanning approx 60m. the design combines a diverse array of accessibility facilities, including glass lifts on both side, wide and gentle stairs and platform. the natural wood structure and material, handled in a contemporary manner, reflects the simplicity and everlasting vigor of countryside. the completion of this projects optimizes the walking system of the surrounding villages, providing a positive exploration of architects’ effort towards local culture and customs as well as urban development.

the main frame is constructed from timber

steel bracing was used to provide extra support

the bridge spans 60 meters with a spacious corridor

the form is taken from the forms of the traditional shapes of the village houses

the shape gradually and subtly changes from one end to the other

from the exterior, the shape can be seen twisting slightly

stairs lead up to the footbridge from the village

old and new can be seen side by side

a glass elevator is available

the footbridge illuminated at night



project info:


project name: foshan city heyue road pedestrian bridge
location: foshan city, guangdong province, china
type: public buildings
design date: 2013
date of completion: 2015
total floor area: 1500 s.m.
area: 1900 s.m.
design team: ADARC associates ltd (dr. allan ting, design principal)
developer: foshan new city government