this tower by Aedas is a contemporary 'dragon gate' at the port of chongqing

this tower by Aedas is a contemporary 'dragon gate' at the port of chongqing

marking the port of chongqing


a team including Aedas, beijing institute of architectural design, and china railway eryuan engineering group present the winning entry for the design of the chongqing cuntan cruise terminal. an important port city, chongqing is a sprawling urban area in southwestern china, located at the confluence of the yangtze and jialing rivers.


the tower is sited among the chongqing’s cuntan port area, the city’s key connective node along the yangtze river since ancient times. the project will become a 100,000 square-meter mixed-use complex, hosting the terminal station along with a collection of new urban features.

Aedas chongqing
images courtesy of Aedas | @aedas_architects



recalling an ancient dragon gate


the main building of the chongqing cruise terminal by Aedas (see more) comprises two connected towers atop a retail podium. the pair of towers is programmed with a hotel, apartments, office space, and a ‘sky club.’ inspired by the ancient chinese painting trope of the ‘dragon gate,’ the two towers are symmetrically positioned on the podium while connected via a crown sky bridge, forming a hollow space in the middle to extend the green corridor towards the hinterland.


Aedas global design principal dr. andy wen comments: ‘the design seeks to promote the marrow of the chongqing spirit, materialize a landmark part and parcel to the future development of cuntan port area and the larger urban space.’

Aedas chongqing



the design concept by Aedas


Aedas’ design of the chongqing’s cruise terminal constitutes a layered urban space built on a composite transportation system, stitching the plot with surrounding area through three-dimensional greening.


leaning into the height difference between the towers and the descending site terrain in the south, the design creates a green cascading journey along the rooftop park that seamlessly connecting the project with cruise terminal and the riverfront. the stepping park is also dotted with vitality nodes including underground retail and dining spaces, sunken courtyards along the winding paths at multiple levels, suturing nature with urbanity.

Aedas chongqing



the stepping green park


the podium atrium of the main building is designed as a transfer hall to welcome passengers from the subway station and surrounding bus stops with a dynamic retail space. the transfer hall may also be accessed from all directions via the sunken plaza, roof garden, underground retail space, as well as elevated walkways connecting to the surrounding plots. the sweeping pedestrian system will provide seamless transfer experience between subway, road and cruise, while adding commercial value to the entire port zone.


Aedas executive director nicole liu comments: ‘we hope to create a world-class landmark rooted in the cultural context of chongqing by weaving together characteristic elements in a dignified volume.’

Aedas chongqing this tower by Aedas is a contemporary 'dragon gate' at the port of chongqing



project info:


project title: chongqing cuntan cruise terminal TOD

design & project architect: Aedas, beijing institute of architectural design (BIAD), china railway eryuan engineering group (CREEC)

location: chongqing, china
client: chongqing jiangbeizui central business district investment group co.,ltd

host: leading group office of development and construction of chongqing cuntan area
organizer: chongqing jiangbeizui central business district investment group co., ltd
organization unit: chongqing planning & design institute

Aedas directors: dr. andy wen, global design principal; nicole liu, executive director
built area: 100,000 square meters
status: ongoing

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