Aedas unveils the design of its zhanjiang yunhai no. 1, located at the southernmost tip of mainland china. being surrounded by sea, the site is known for its unique harbor culture. in response to its growing attraction as a tourist destination, the tower will rise 266 meters (870 feet) and will will become the tallest building in the area. designed as an all-weather tourism and leisure resort, the project is perched in the intersection of the three major urban areas, and closely connected to the city center via the zhanjiang bay bridge across the waterways. overlooking the sea promenade of jinsha bay and the urban park nearby, the complex will become a vital city portal.

Aedas zhanjiang yunhai
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with its zhanjiang yunhai no. 1 tower, Aedas draws inspiration from the motion of a koi fish leaping through a dragon gate. the concept suggests a pioneering spirit and upward development of the area. through volume shifting, the podium is designed in a streamlined wave shape, to mirror the temperament of the coastal city. the project integrates its five-star hotels, apartments, retail streets, and vibrant leisure squares by linking a series of key nodes with extensive public space. the design is informed by zhanjiang’s southeast monsoon climate and the daylight conditions to arrive at a parallel layout. the high-rise hotel and serviced apartments stand in the southwest of the rectangular site while three residential towers and one serviced apartment are situated in the north, where they face a distant sea view.

Aedas zhanjiang yunhai



the team at Aedas curates a stepped landscape lawn beside its zhanjiang yunhai no. 1 tower. this spaces serves as a respite for visitors to rest amidst the greenery. from there, it advances toward the sunken plaza and segues into the indoor commercial space. between the building and the lawn is a market space, which is reserved as a hub for art and cultural activities. approaching the commercial podium at the heart of the development, a modern digital art installation is inlaid along its east facade, protruding outward to encourage interaction between people and architecture.

Aedas zhanjiang yunhai



in the event of a festival, the podium can be transformed into a lighting stage with an LED screen on the tower, bringing about an immersive, celebratory experience. the vivacious retail space in the podium, open-air retail street, and outdoor infinity pool, offer a full range of leisure and relaxation experience, while the sky restaurant and hotel functions at the crown of the tower are designed exclusively for banquets and business meetings. dr. andy wen, Aedas global design principal and yi jun qian, Aedas executive director comment: ‘we wish to obscure boundaries in the project, where the distinction between indoor and outdoor, business and art, are blurred. the vision is to create a space where all these elements could coexist to generate interesting experiences.’

Aedas zhanjiang yunhai Aedas zhanjiang yunhai Aedas zhanjiang yunhai Aedas envisions soft, fluid geometries to design its zhanjiang yunhai tower Aedas envisions soft, fluid geometries to design its zhanjiang yunhai tower Aedas envisions soft, fluid geometries to design its zhanjiang yunhai tower




project info:


project title: zhanjiang yunhai no. 1 tower

architecture: Aedas

location: zhanjiang, china

lead designers / design directors: dr. andy wen, global design principal; yi jun qian, executive director

completion: 2025