byrne architects places aireys house along the australian coastline
photography by shannon mcgrath




set in the coastal village of aireys inlet in australia, the small and peaceful location is where local practice byrne architects has designed the aireys house. dictated by the concept of fluidity and exploration, the residence is divided into three levels: there are three bedrooms at ground level, with the master bedroom, living and kitchen on the first floor and a basement garage. raised slightly due to hilly plot of land, the structure itself is designed to have no designated front or back and instead, is entered through various levels.

an aim of this house was to emulate a fluid and permeable environment




taking advantage of the undulating landscape and the constant backdrop of the coastline, the internal layout displays spacious rooms bathed in natural light- encouraging every turn to lead into new and unexpected spaces within and around the house. clad in ironbark wood panels, which  is continued inside, the unusual wedge-shaped form also serves as a protection against strong winds.


ironbark cladding has been used on the exterior façade

the kitchen

the warm ironbark wood is continued within

the study

the house uses natural, refined materials

the spaces around the house open up to terraces

angular nature with large panels of glazing allow views of either side of its surroundings