airmas asri architects adds greenery to their new expanded offices in jakarta
all images courtesy of airmas asri architects




when facing the need to expand their offices, airmas asri architects thought about generating a comfortable and serene working environment in a building located in the middle of the bustling city center of jakarta. the result was the application of green architecture that gave the spaces an air of ease and tranquility. a total of 1.300 square meters, both horizontal and vertical, were covered in greeneries, creating a micro climate inside the building. this, combined with skylights and solid void planes create thermal control, air circulation and allow optimum daylight to flow into rooms.

airmas asri architects
a vertical green façade can be appreciated from the front of the building




the planning was based on the needs of the office expansion, so overall there was not a master plan, but an addition of buildings over the years. this led to the creating of in-between spaces where users have a place to gather and socialize, becoming an oasis in the middle of jakarta’s crowded environment.

airmas asri architects
the entrance sets the feeling of the whole design of the offices 

airmas asri architects
a courtyard was created from the in-between spaces created thanks to the connections between the buildings

airmas asri architects
open workplaces can be appreciated

 airmas asri architects
the gallery showcases the office’s projects

airmas asri architects
perspective section

airmas asri architects

airmas asri architects


airmas asri architects

airmas asri architects
massing concept

airmas asri architects
isometric view



project info:


project name: airmas asri office
location: jalan cikini iv no. 6, jakarta, indonesia
site area: 1600 sqm
total area: 2200 sqm
owner: airmas asri architects
architect: airmas asri architects
year completed: 2014
materials: marble, natural stone, curtain wall, wood, homogeneous tile
construction: concrete & steel structure



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edited by: juliana neira | designboom