this 'alecrim house' hotel is nestled among lavender fields outside brasilia

this 'alecrim house' hotel is nestled among lavender fields outside brasilia

a heritage renovation outside brasília


Nestled between the modernist ambiance of Brasília and the captivating natural vistas beyond, the Alecrim House stands as a boutique hotel oasis with design by Alan Chu Arquitectura. Located within the Alecrim Dreams project, this hotel has been thoughtfully renovated to offer a unique and transformative experience that reconnects visitors with nature. Brasília, a capital city perhaps most well known for its heritage of modernist architecture, serves as the backdrop for the house. The dialogue between the modern cityscape and the adjacent natural environment infuses the project with a distinctive character. The project at once coexists with its surroundings and and creates an oasis of tranquility outside of the fast pace of the city. Discover the space, available for rent on Airbnb!

alcerim house brasíliaimages © Djan Chu@djanchu



alecrim house: a holiday home in the lavender fields


Alan Chu Arquitectura’s inspiration for the Alecrim House transformation originated from a heartfelt desire to integrate the residences with the natural world. The project was born out of the vision of a couple who had lovingly nurtured the land for over two decades, acting as stewards of the environment. Their meticulous efforts in tree planting and the creation of a sprawling lavender field laid the foundation for the house’s design, which mirrors their deep connection with nature.


The lavender field, a prominent landscape feature, is more than just a scenic vista — it serves as a precious resource for the proprietors’ line of organic products. This sustainable approach to raw materials underscores the architects‘ commitment to nature, illustrating how architecture can seamlessly integrate with economic sustainability, environmental consciousness, and human comfort.

alcerim house brasília



alan chu architects’ sunlit oasis


Within this contextual tapestry outside Brasília, the Alecrim House was conceived as a sanctuary of relaxation and deceleration. The architects led by Alan Chu employed the interplay of natural light and a neutral color palette to infuse the interior spaces with a soothing ambience. The design ethos revolves around the concept of eliminating distractions, allowing guests to be fully present in the moment.


The Alecrim House embodies the owners’ philosophy of ‘slow’ living. Through its humble design and meticulous attention to detail, the hotel dwelling extends an invitation to visitors to experience a more deliberate and mindful way of life. By limiting distractions and focusing on essentials, the architecture itself encourages guests to embrace the present moment and savor the art of living at a leisurely pace.

alcerim house brasília
minimalist interiors open out toward the natural contextalcerim house brasília
a sloping roof create intimate living spacesalcerim house brasílialush nature is invited inside through large windows


alcerim house brasíliaintimate courtyards introduce private, sunlit outdoor space

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