alfredo vanotti of EV+A lab has transformed a mountainside ruin into a contemporary dwelling using a palette of locally sourced materials and traditional construction techniques. located at a height of 1,000 meters in the italian alps, ‘casa VI’ serves as an example of sustainable architecture, employing resources obtained from its surroundings. furniture is made to order by local carpenters with concrete and iron used throughout the scheme. the reinforced structure utilizes thermal insulation, ensuring a comfortable internal temperature in every part of the two-storey dwelling.

all images courtesy of EV+A lab



formally, the house refers to the rural buildings that occupy the alpine setting. interior spaces are brightly and naturally lit, with bold openings presenting sweeping views of the mountainous landscape. doors and windows are framed with larch wood, a material that is also used for the property’s various furnishings. living space is arranged around a concrete fireplace, while a centrally positioned staircase leads to a lofted study area above.

traditional construction techniques have been employed throughout the design alfredo-vanotti-EV-A-lab-atelier-italian-casa-VI-cabin-designboom-04
furniture is made to order by local carpentersalfredo-vanotti-EV-A-lab-atelier-italian-casa-VI-cabin-designboom-05
interior spaces are brightly and naturally illuminated alfredo-vanotti-EV-A-lab-atelier-italian-casa-VI-cabin-designboom-06
the home’s staircase is a prominent feature of the design
the staircase leads to a lofted study area abovealfredo-vanotti-EV-A-lab-atelier-italian-casa-VI-cabin-designboom-08
concrete sink alfredo-vanotti-EV-A-lab-atelier-italian-casa-VI-cabin-designboom-09
bold openings present sweeping views of the mountainous landscape