with its opening later this year fast approaching, expo 2020 dubai is inviting visitors to preview the site and one of its largest pavilions. the ‘pavilions premiere’ lets visitors experience, discover, and engage with the expo’s thematic pavilions, as well as enjoy entertainment, children’s activities, food and beverages, and retail. until april 10, 2021, guests can explore ‘terra’ — the sustainability pavilion designed by grimshaw — as well as its surrounding public spaces.

expo 2020 dubai preview
terra – the sustainability pavilion, designed by grimshaw
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topped with 1,055 photovoltaic panels arranged on a 130-meter-wide roof canopy, the grimshaw-designed pavilion seeks to set an international example for sustainable design and is built to be net-zero for both energy and water. ‘terra’ will offer an immersive journey through the wonders of the natural world, including an interactive walk through the roots of a forest where every footstep affects the ‘wood-wide web’.

expo 2020 dubai preview
alif – the mobility pavilion, designed by foster + partners



allowing visitors to explore the hidden harmful impacts of our choices, the emotive experience is designed to encourage all ages to consider how our behavior affects the environment, empowering visitors to become agents of change. other thematic pavilions at expo 2020 include ‘alif’, the mobility pavilion designed by foster + partners, and ‘mission possible’, the opportunity pavilion designed by AGi architects. the pavilions premiere visit costs AED 25 and bookings and can be made via the official website. expo 2020 dubai is set to get underway on october 1, 2021 and will remain open until march 31, 2022.

expo 2020 dubai preview
mission possible – the opportunity pavilion, designed by AGi architects

expo 2020 dubai preview
the first guest are being welcomed inside the sustainability pavilion

expo 2020 dubai invites visitors to preview the site before october opening
the pavilion contains a range of interactive exhibition elements

expo 2020 dubai invites visitors to preview the site before october opening
visitors can register to preview the site until april 10, 2021

expo 2020 dubai invites visitors to preview the site before october opening
the event will open its doors to the public on october 1, 2021



project info:


name: expo 2020 opens for previews
location: expo 2020 dubai
until april 10, 2021
event dates: october 1, 2021 – march 31, 2022