‘stadthaus-prototyp’ by alleswirdgut, st. pölten, austria all images © expressiv.at all images courtesy alleswirdgut

austrian practice alleswirdgut has designed ‘stadthaus-prototyp’, english translation ‘townhouse prototype’, an office and shopping building within a residential context in st. pölten, austria. bordered with streets lined with townhouses featuring historical facades, this low-rise structure’s staggered profile creates green spaces at diverse elevations to generate a dynamic urban streetscape. the building’s footprint responds to a bend in the main avenue, creating an additional usable plaza at ground level.

alleswirdgut: stadthaus prototyp exterior view from the boulevard

the staggered floor plates are determined by the neighboring dwellings to minimize changes in their established natural lighting conditions. the shelves that result are used as terraces, pulling internal activities to the outdoors projecting a lively energy to the surrounding area. on open structural plan facilitates the neutral program allowing individual designs to contribute their personal character to the urban context through the transparent facade with monochromatic structural elements.

alleswirdgut: stadthaus prototyp context plan

alleswirdgut: stadthaus prototyp site plan

alleswirdgut: stadthaus prototyp floor plans

alleswirdgut: stadthaus prototyp section