reframing the park as the center of urban life


architect amaylit dugarte has completed an urban landscaping project in the shape of a bike in paipa, colombia. named ‘park 33 – the bicycle’, the new public space represents the configuration of the urban center as a shared place of enjoyment for both kids and adults, reframing the park as the foundation of neighborhood life. 


park 33 is surrounded by houses of different sizes, indifferent to social classes. the landscaping occupies a rectangular site and has a total built area of 590 sqm. construction of the project was realized by SOLZA projects and constructions SAS.

park 33 the bicycle 2
images courtesy of amaylit dugarte



with the design of the park, amaylit dugarte sought to create a sense of belonging within the urban context. the scheme draws the silhouette of a bicycle framed in circles and bordered by green areas and platforms in a sequence of colors.


the park has four access points, with vanishing point lines towards two main centers. all the elements that make up the space can be categorized into two areas: hard and soft. the hard area is materialized in concrete and cobblestone, in pleasant color tones for children’s entertainment, which draws the movement from end to end of the park route. meanwhile, the soft area, made up of grass and sand, allows local residents to come into contact with the natural environment.

park 33 the bicycle 3
the project is sited in an urban area of paipa, colombia

park 33 the bicycle 6
the design traces the silhouette of a bicycle

park 33 the bicycle 4
the built area of the park spans 590 sqm

park 33 the bicycle 8
the park is surrounded by dwellings of different sizes




project info:


name: park 33 – the bicycle

location: paipa, boyacá, colombia

architect: amaylit dugarte peña

construction company: SOLZA projects and constructions SAS

construction management: carlos benavides

collaborators: henry pardo patiño, armando ruiz, josé camargo, uber gómez, misael flores, marcos ruiz and sergio ruiz

built area: 590 sqm

completion: 2021


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edited by: lynne myers | designboom