unveiling the nordic pavilion


led by Italian architect Michele de Lucchi, AMDL CIRCLE, has emerged victorious in the international design competition for the Nordic Pavilion at Expo 2025 Osaka. This timber pavilion, set to spotlight the collective spirit and vision of the Nordic Countries in Japan, is set to redefine sustainability and circular design principles — it will take shape with a thoughtfully designed, cradle-to-cradle logic for ease of disassembly and reuse.

amdl circle expo 2025 explore the Nordic vision at Expo 2025 Osaka | visualizations © AMDL CIRCLE



amdl circle’s ode to tradition and sustainability


The design of AMDL CIRCLE’s Nordic Pavilion for Expo 2025 Osaka is informed by a connection between tradition, sustainability, and contemporary design. The architects note that the structure will be technically developed and engineered by Rimond Group, and will be built predominantly from forest-managed wood — a nod to the enduring beauty and diverse utility of timber, which is deeply woven into the cultural and economic fabric of the Nordic nations. This conscious choice of material underscores their commitment to responsible environmental stewardship. The Pavilion’s form will encourage visitors to reflect on both Nordic tradition and modernity. It notes current climatic challenges, with its dark outer color symbolizing the extensive knowledge and application of natural oils and pigments that protect the exterior timber, ensuring its timeless use.

amdl circle expo 2025
the use of forest-managed wood underscores Nordic commitment to responsible environmental stewardship



a Gateway to Nordic Culture at Expo 2025 Osaka


Once built, the Nordic Pavilion by AMDL CIRCLE will welcome visitors with an entrance area and rooftop terrace. These gathering spaces have been thoughtfully designed to inspire visitors to learn more about the Nordic region and culture. Stepping inside, the Pavilion will unfold into an open space that sets the stage for an immersive exhibition. Here, the most exciting innovations emerging from the Nordic Countries will come to life. While these exhibitions will display cutting-edge technologies, they will further celebrate the spirit of collaboration, trust, and foresight that is embedded in Nordic culture. Visitors will be welcomed to join in this journey of discovery, where teamwork, trust, and a forward-looking perspective take center stage.

amdl circle expo 2025
the space will host a technological exhibition of Nordic innovations and collaborative spirit amdl circle expo 2025the structure will be constructed with a circular logic of disassembly and reuse



project info:


project title: Nordic Pavilion
architecture: AMDL CIRCLE | @amdlcircle

location: Expo 2025 Osaka | @expo2025japan

engineer: Rimond Group | @rimond_group