constructing the ‘anarchitecture’ walltercerunquinto, a collective group of mexican artists: gabriel cázares salas, julio castro carreón and rolando flores tova, investigates the relationship between private and public space, performing actions based on their explorations of how these spaces are linked with institutional or administrative forces and systems.

their contribution to the 2009 shenzhen hong kong biennale is anarchitecture, which plays on the combination of the words ‘anarchic’ and architecture’. seeking to weaken the working system which penetrates and infiltrates the urban landscape, tercerunquinto has constructed a city wall in which the word ‘anarchitecture’ can be read. the letters are a window into the urban landscape, a commentary on the transformation process of a city, and the rules and social dynamics within that realm.

anarchitecture by tercerunquinto at shenzhen hong kong biennale 09the completed wall