‘aggrenad’ by AND, gyeongsangnam-do, south koreaimage © kim yong gwan



‘aggrenad’ is a hotel located on geoje island off of south korea, situated inland and facing the ocean. designed by local practice AND, the concrete shear wall structure contains deep cantilevering exterior balconies for each of the five rooms. in many ways the project is about the relationshipto the sea and the archipelago. the protruding terraces are like fingers that point out in different directions towards each of the surrounding islands.they provide each unit with a unique and uninhibited view and a distinct character (aggregate), while at the same time existing as a single complete space (monad), creating its portmanteau title, ‘aggrenad’. a small cafe greets visitors from the designed landscape and swimming pool, guiding them towards the interior staircase.




AND: aggrenad hotel, south koreathe stacked components resemble the ridge line of the surrounding mountainsimage © kim yong gwan



AND: aggrenad hotel, south koreaindividual terraces protrude into the sky, pointing to the nearby islandsimage © kim yong gwan



AND: aggrenad hotel, south koreaa wooden deck and swimming pool provide outdoor recreation and lounge areaimage © kim yong gwan



AND: aggrenad hotel, south koreaview from up aboveimage © kim yong gwan



AND: aggrenad hotel, south korearoom interiorimage © kim yong gwan