co-founders of bangkok-based anonym studio, have designed their own residence called ‘the 96/1 house’ in thailand. settling right next to the architects’ workplace, the 30-year-old structure with the modest exterior has been completely refurbished in order to generate a peaceful environment, with a meaningful subtle effect.

96 1 house 4
all images by chaovarith poonphol 



at first, anonym studio wanted to keep the building’s exterior unaltered, in order to preserve the aesthetic harmony of the surrounding neighborhood. however, as a variety of spatial features prevented cross ventilation within the dwelling, the architects decided to empty the interior walls & the false ceiling, and rearranged the layout to align with their needs, their preferences, and their overall lifestyle.

96 1 house 1
the oak louver shutters can be opened to maximize ventilation



on the ground level, the design intends to create a single space interconnecting public and space altogether, by inserting a small green double-height courtyard with a skylight. here, anonym studio has added a five-meters long white counter island as a main horizontal element, to balance with the verticality of the courtyard. the meticulous and proportional juxtaposition of elements around this courtyard makes the void space seem like it contains an unspoken message, encouraging dwellers to make conversation between separated spaces.

96 1 house 5




on the second level, in order to achieve an interconnected effect as mention above, the master bedroom and the bathroom changed locations. with the new layout, there is only a small window opening, connecting the master bedroom with the outdoor. therefore, to prevent a claustrophobic atmosphere, the architects decided to raise the height of the room, by realigning the false ceiling along the slope of the gable roof. in this way, the true geometry of the room was revealed, revealing the true geometry of this room, along with its subtle mesmerizing energy. 

96 1 house 2
the foyer is outfitted with a bench and rocking chair and various artworks, while a skylight allows diffused lighting to pour into the home



meanwhile, the bathroom has been treated as an extruded barrel vault, similar to the arch decoration around the dwelling’s exterior. the intersecting effect between the barrel vault and the gable ceiling provides a mysterious depth to the room, while allowing the master bedroom to obtain more space. in addition, the architects decided to assemblage the stair and the storage system as a part of the vault formation. 

96 1 house 9
bird’s eye view from the open balustrade on the second story reveals the steel and fiberglass planter box of the foyer courtyard

96 1 house 3
an arched opening was incorporated into the counter base to allow the couple’s pets to move around easily

96 1 house 7

96 1 house 6
black lacquered flooring extends from the staircase up to the second-floor, contrasting with the warm lighting on the barrel ceiling

96 1 house 8
the curved ceiling

96 1 house 10
materiality board

96 1 house 11



project info:


name: 96/1 house
architects: anonym studio
lead architects: phongphat ueasangkhomset, parnduangjai roojnawate
location: bangkok, thailand
area: 150 m2



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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom