ACPV ARCHITECTS + arquitectonica designs solar-powered '1428 brickell' tower in miami

ACPV ARCHITECTS + arquitectonica designs solar-powered '1428 brickell' tower in miami

the residences at 1428 brickell: a luxury tower in miami


ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Arquitectonica unveil the design of its Residences at 1428 Brickell, a 70-story tower to transform the Miami skyline. The project is developed by 1428 Brickell, LLC, a subsidiary of real estate development firm Ytech, and will be located at one of the most prestigious addresses on Miami’s Brickell Avenue. The building will be the first ever high-rise residential tower using solar energy, and will introduce 189 luxury homes — including a Penthouse Collection — to the sunny coastal city.

acpv 1428 brickell miamivisualization courtesy Ytech | @weareytech



powered by energy-producing glass


The Residences at 1428 Brickell will show architecture by Arquitectonica and interiors by ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel will be the world’s first luxury, high-rise residential tower to integrate photovoltaic glazing within the building’s façade. This solar energy feature is deftly blended into the building’s architectural aesthetic, expressing the importance of sustainability and carbon reduction along each of its seventy stories.


Since the solar cells are integrated into the glass, the effective lifespan of the panels can match the window itself. The property will feature five hundred photovoltaic-integrated windows along the west-facing façade, creating a ‘Solar Backbone’ comprising nearly 20,000 square feet of energy-producing glass.


With this orientation and permanently installed generating capacity, the system is capable of producing up to 170,000 kilowatts, or 170 megawatts, of clean energy per year. This is intended to result in the reduction of approximately 4,700 tons of CO2 and the use of 3,000 barrels less of oil.


Ytech has selected award-winning firm Cosentini Associates as the property’s expert solar energy consultant to implement this technology into The Residences at 1428 Brickell.

acpv 1428 brickell miami



Yamal Yidios, CEO of Ytech comments:Over a decade of planning and market research has come to fruition with The Residences at 1428 Brickell. Ytech’s vision is to create residential sanctuaries in an urban environment where design is driven first and foremost by resident experience and needs,


Complemented by impeccable architecture and advanced engineering, a remarkable combination of form and function, The Residences at 1428 Brickell will become iconic in delivering an unparalleled, service-oriented living experience.’

acpv 1428 brickell miami



Alongside world-renowned architecture and interior design firm ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and international architecture firm Arquitectonica, Ytech has meticulously designed a perfect balance between form and function without compromise.


ACPV ARCHITECTS’ vision for the interior spaces emerges from the firm’s penchant for designing the art of living, with a unique micro and macro perspective, making The Residences at 1428 Brickell a living space where emotion and intellect combine to produce the highest quality of life.

acpv 1428 brickell miami



Patricia Viel, CEO of ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel notes: ‘For the tower’s interiors, we selected furniture, materials, textures and colors that create an ambiance of informal luxury,


Throughout the property’s amenity spaces we integrated pieces of furniture from a selection of world-renowned Italian and international designers, focusing primarily on earth tones to bring nature inside the building while simultaneously celebrating the joyful feeling of spending time outdoors in the company of your loved ones.’

acpv 1428 brickell miami


acpv 1428 brickell miami

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