british architectural designer antony gibbon looks toward a dense, forested contex to envision his ethereal ‘helix’ tree house. the project is designed to visually integrate within its natural environment with a material palette of loosely spaced timber slats attached to a frame, hiding the structure and staircase. the proposed material strategy, together with the slender verticality, serves to camouflage the towers into the densely wooded environment. the designer has commonly generated seemingly soft, fluid volumes with the use of twisting geometries to generate a unique and sculptural architecture, as seen with his twine house and his mobius house, each envisioned with a concrete material palette.

antony gibbon helix
images by antony gibbon | @antonygibbondesigns



antony gibbon’s helix tree house is organized across two floors, elevated among the tree top canopy and accessible by a spiraling, core staircase. the visionary, mexico-based architectural designer imagines the structure to be supported by four primary columns that project upwards with a dynamic, spiraling trajectory. this structure takes shape as a frame which houses the spiral staircase and occupiable space above. an entrance door is cut into the timber slats to generate the illusion of a hidden entrance.

antony gibbon helix antony gibbon helix antony gibbon helix


project info:


project title: helic tree house

architecture: antony gibbon | @antonygibbondesigns

status: concept