antony gibbon presents an architectural translation of the formal and material characteristics of reptiles with his latest project, reptilia house. while gibbon often works with undulating, organic geometries envisioned in concrete — including his twine and mobius house — this most recently imagined residential work comprises a singular, sharply faceted volume expressing nested materials. an outer shell clad in a skin of black tarred cedar shingles opens outward toward its sweeping natural surroundings. this dynamic folding gesture suggests a sense of motion as the outer geometry reveals a secondary system of angular double-height glazing. 

antony gibbon reptilia house
the skin of cedar shingles mimics reptilian textural qualities
images by antony gibbon



reptilia house by antony gibbon implies a sense of monolithic weight with its strong, angular profile, as well as a contrasting lightness as it cantilevers outward from atop the lakeside rocks. toward the interior, the designer emphasizes a sweeping, outward looking space with a panoramic view across the water. the effect that the geometry opens dynamically outward is exaggerated by its entrance — a narrow, elongated corridor which reaches for light as it cuts through the forest. 

antony gibbon reptilia house
the open plan space projects outward across the lake



project info:


project title: reptilia house

design: antony gibbon

total area: 227 square meters

material: black tarred cedar shingles

status: concept