antony gibbon expands the ‘inhabit series’


In the innovative and exploratory world of architect Antony Gibbon, the Tapered House emerges as a distinctive addition to the Inhabit series. The residential project is designed as a continuation of Gibbon’s vision which often revolves around pushing formal boundaries and establishing an harmonious connection with its serene natural context. Much like his previous works, such as the Reptilia House and Loch Eight, the Tapered House encapsulates a unique design philosophy that is envisioned for a wooded context, sitting quietly along the shores of a mirrored lake.

antony gibbon tapered houseimages © Antony Gibbon



a versatile ‘tapered house’ on stilts


Designed by Antony Gibbon with versatility in mind, the Tapered House finds its ideal placement among any landscape — along the edge of a lake, river, pond, or any sloped terrain — thanks to its raised stilts. This deliberate elevation allows for the structure to adapt effortlessly to the contours of the land, while ensuring that it sits lightly and respectfully atop the earth. Thus, the architect imagines the dwelling to exemplify a marriage of form and function which lends a contextual awareness.

antony gibbon tapered house
the project is designed to adapt to lakesides, riversides, or slopes with its raised legs



inside the compact dwelling


Antony Gibbon’s Tapered House comprises two bedrooms, and covers a footprint of 110 square meters. The ground floor, which encompasses eighty-one square meters, hosts an entrance/reception area, lounge, kitchen, shower/washroom, and a bedroom. The thoughtful layout extends to outdoor terraces at both the front and rear of the property. The second floor, which spans twenty-nine square meters, opens up into a spacious double bedroom, an office, built-in storage. The exterior paneling is offered with several variations of timber finishes, a choice which adds warmth to the structure while furthering the project’s element of customization, allowing the project to harmonize with diverse locations.

antony gibbon tapered house
various timber finishes for exterior paneling allow for customization

antony gibbon designs this 'tapered house' on stilts to fit a complex terrain
a series of low stilts allow the Tapered House to float above the natural contours of the land antony gibbon designs this 'tapered house' on stilts to fit a complex terrain
interiors open out through a full-height window, which frames views of the natural context

antony gibbon designs this 'tapered house' on stilts to fit a complex terrain
floor plans



project info:


project title: Tapered House

architecture: Antony Gibbon | @antonygibbondesigns