continuing his formal exploration of sculptural and anomalous spaces, antony gibbon envisions ‘A-F3 treehouse,’ an imagined faceted volume elevated above a forest of treetops. the architectural designer makes use of bold, sharply cut geometries which rise over the canopy on a delicate structure. each treehouse type is designed with a residential program, with divided into two floors with the upper floor hosting a bedroom space while the lower houses a shared living area. the solid volume is opened up with a truncated corner window, offering a unique triangular frame overlooking the natural surroundings.

antony gibbon treehouse
images by antony gibbon



with his latest project ‘A-F3 treehouse,’ mexico-based architectural designer antony gibbon continues to investigate a form-finding strategy through the use of bold gestures. the dark-stained timber cladding introduces a natural grain which serves to integrate the volumes, with their inorganic geometries, into the natural forested context. along with the large triangular framed windows, the closed-off faces of the treehouse are subtly interrupted with narrow strip openings that follow the direction of the wood siding. the interior is accessed by way of an elevated pathway, offering the occupant a floating tour through the treetops of the forest.

antony gibbon treehouse antony gibbon treehouse antony gibbon treehouse antony gibbon treehouse

antony gibbon treehouse



project info:


project title: A-F3 treehouse

architecture: antony gibbon