bat tower by ants of the prairie
photo by joyce hwang
all images courtesy of joyce hwang






to accommodate a retreat for bats, ants of the prairie has built a ‘bat tower’ in new york. the winged-mammals are an often misunderstood creature, and are unfortunately threatened by humans, despite offering restoration to the ecosystem in numerous ways. the sheltered pillar hopes to serve as an educational installation while simultaneously offering a design solution as both a sanctuary and art piece. unlike other constructed bat habitats, the tower’s purpose is to be definitively visible, standing tall in the griffis sculpture park, east otto, NY. the form attracts the animal in its site across the mosquito inhabited lake. at the base of the structure, herbs such as chives and oregano are planted to be incorporated in the bat’s diet. ants of the prairie’s ‘bat tower’ is mostly constructed from wood with a grooved paneling to allow the flying night-critter to land on and enter into through drilled holes. a darker lumber is used toward the ceiling to absorb sunlight, which creates an incubating climate as the bats cling and roost in the interior space.

the sculpture and home marks the landscape across the lake
photo by joyce hwang


aerial view of the ‘bat tower’ in its surrounding context
photo by albert chao


an alteration in patterning allows for various entry points
photo by joyce hwang


detail of the wood panelling
photo by albert chao


herbs at the base are planted in different beddings to attract bats
photo by joyce hwang


view from inside the habitat
photo by joyce hwang


ants of the prairie shelters winged mammal with bat tower


plan drawing from inside the ‘bat tower’


elevation drawing