‘AP pavilion’ by apostrophy’s, bangkok, thailandall images courtesy of apostrophy’s



completed by thai firm apostrophy’s for asian property development public company limited (AP), the ‘AP pavilion’ was on display at baanlaesaun fair 2012 in bangkok, thailand. the structure represents the company’s new slogan of three agendas including transparency, play space and adjustability. clear and white enclosures allow everyone to observe what happens inside with client behavior within the areas. different times and actions require different environments to respond to real-life needs. flexibility amidst rooms encourage various urban lifestyles. the brand offers a single house, townhome and condo and this building integrates all into one.


the single home is represented by the living and dining room. a translucent vertical facade gives privacy from neighbors while relaxing. a grid of storage space separates the dining area while still allowing a visual connection between the areas. an integrated system conceals cables and wires for electronic devices. a one-way mirror glass reflects the activity endlessly while allowing observation of user behavior from the outdoors. the townhome is represented with a kitchen, extra storage, backyard garden, penthouse and closet. an individual ventilation creates a smell-less kitchen, a needed element with the aromatic ingredients found in thai cooking. a yard for lounging before leaving the pavilion. a storage display of stepped drawers for toys. at the rooftop, the condo features a cantilevered glass balcony for sky dining.



apostrophy's: AP pavillionexterior



apostrophy's: AP pavillionexterior view of facade



apostrophy's: AP pavillioncolored lights



apostrophy's: AP pavillion(left) view of kitchen from outside (right) bedroom wardobe



apostrophy's: AP pavillionback yard



apostrophy's: AP pavillionsmell-less kitchen



apostrophy's: AP pavillionCAPTION



apostrophy's: AP pavillionliving room storage



apostrophy's: AP pavillionliving room / dining room



apostrophy's: AP pavilliondining room with one-way mirrored glass



apostrophy's: AP pavilliondining room



apostrophy's: AP pavillionextra storage



apostrophy's: AP pavillionstairs to rooftop



apostrophy's: AP pavillionstairs to rooftop



apostrophy's: AP pavillionsky dining



apostrophy's: AP pavillionglass floor



apostrophy's: AP pavillionaccess to rooftop



apostrophy's: AP pavillionvertical striations in facade for privacy



project info:



client: asian property development public co.,ltd.creative & design director: apostrophy’s the synthesis server co.,ltd.lighting designer: apostrophy’s, pm center co.,ltd.lighting equipment:  pm center co.,ltd.organizer: sonix youth 1999 co.,ltd