‘shanghai zendai himalaya art center’, 2003-

japanese architect arata isozaki recently celebrated his 77th birthday on july 23rd. instead of throwing a party, isozaki decided to hold 7 exhibitions based on 7 themes, showcasing 7 pieces of his work in various locations around the world. the pieces were selected to represent the entire spectrum of his work and will be conveyed through a variety of mediums such as exhibitions, conferences and publications. here are the events included in the project.

1. art plaza – mid february: oita, japan 2. the museum of modern art, gunma – late april:takasaki, japan 3. isozaki atea (gate) – early july:bilbao, spain 4. hara museum arc – late july:ikaho, japan 5. any conference – october:tokyo 6. china international practical exhibition of architecture – late november:nanjing, china 7. isozaki atelier on brera street – december:milan, italy


arata isozaki : 7 invitations ‘kitakyushu central library’, 1973-1974

arata isozaki : 7 invitations ‘akiyoshidai international arts village’, 1995-1998

arata isozaki : 7 invitations ‘central academy of fine arts’, 2003-

arata isozaki : 7 invitations ‘team disney building’, 1989-1990